Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tau Test Schemes

The front view...in the 12 o'clock position there's the Bork'an. Clockwise, we move to Sa'cea's blues, to D'yanoi's browns, then to the gray with red cloth as seen in Cities of Death.
And the back.
I'm rather partial to Bork'an's scheme. It's not hard to do it looking somewhat beat-up, and it gives me an excuse to combine a couple of techniques on basing.
Recipes used:
White primer. Codex gray basecoat. Thinned chaos black wash to bring out the lines. Drybrush armor with fortress gray, skull white. Sept markings in hawk turqoise, then ice blue. Rifle in black.
Base: texturing with thin layer of Squadron Green Putty, scuffed up w/ toothpick. Paint brown, then wash w/ devlan mud. Snow from this interesting tutorial with found items.
White primer. Basecoat in codex gray. Base armor in ultramarines blue. Drybrush armor w/ fortress gray, then ice blue. Wash model in thinned-down black. Gun in black, sept markings in orange.
White primer. Wash cloth with thinned chaos black, drybrush with skull white. Base armor in brown, then wash with devlan mud. Black gun, sept markings as Bork'an.
Cities of Death-esque Tau
White primer. Red gore cloth, codex gray armor. Muted with thinned chaos black. Drybrush armor, gun w/ fortress gray, lighter drybrush on higher areas w/ skull white.
I believe I've found my scheme for my Tau, and the mud/snow base helps the scheme pop.
The pictures would show the more textured look of the Bork'an armor, save that the camera's got no zoom. My girlfriend loaned it to me, then got a better one for her birthday, so for the time being I get a 'free' camera. (Olympus D360L, dunked in water a few times, dropped a few times, but STILL going.)


Mik said...

Either Sa'cea or D'yanoi have caught my eye the most. I'm not so crazy for the CoD scheme however...

jabberjabber said...

Bork'an and Sa'cea are appealing to me most!

jabberjabber said...

Bork'an and Sa'cea appeal to me the most out of those colour schemes - but I'm not sure why I like them over the others... perhaps because I'm most used to seeing red or brown Tau.