Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keeping Score, FTW style

For the hell of it, if I look at what I've painted over this year...(and DAMN if I've not been busy this year)

30 Dire Avengers (30 points)
12 Fire Dragons (12 points)
10 Wraithguard + Seer (11 points)
Farseer on bike w/ Council (7 bikes; 14 points)
10 Rangers (10 points)
3 Wraithlords (15)
Avatar (5)
6 Grav Tanks (60 points)
Eldar Subtotal: 148

Daemons (at least, I believe I did 'em all this year)
14 'nurglings' (14 points)
21 'plaguebearers' (21 points)
2 Soul Grinders (20 points)
2 Greater Daemons (10 points)
6 Flamers (6 points)
15 Fiend conversions (15 points)
Daemon Subtotal: 76 points

Tau (a current thing..)
12 Fire Warriors (12 points)
8 Pathfinders (8)
Tau subtotal: 20

Year's Total: 244 total


jabberjabber said...

You've done tremendously well! (much better than me!)

Raptor1313 said...

Unemployment's been a mixed blessing...

On one hand? LOTS of time. Lots of time to paint.

On the other hand? No money means no new models.

'sides, I'm more of a speed painter (I have to give a nod to Goatboy as an inspiration for painting) and use lots of washes and the like.