Monday, June 8, 2009

Tau Conversions: Crisis Suit, Hammerhead

As I said, I'd be converting up the Tau some. I'm not exactly a fan of having to pay major bucks for bits, so I'm experimenting with scratch-building the Missile Pods and Plasma Rifles. Additionally, I'm looking for a more interesting head and dynamic appearance.
Behold, the plasma rifle. Knee pads inspired by the suits over at Warhammer Tau. Probably not going to do those on every suit, but on leader-types...

This is the rear. Surprise. The booster configuration is inspired by White Glint's mech out of Armored Core: For Answer. Sidenote: the Japanese have some wonky naming conventions, as For Answer is the expansion-sequal to Armored Core 4, which is actually the 11th or so game in the Armored Core series. Go figure.

I'll admit that the Hammerhead's 'wings' are a two-part inspiration: 1) I've seen a lot of Valkyrie actio nand they're sweet, and 2) I got this Hammerhead in a trade and it was somewhat converted.

Hey, bonus shot of White Glint the Crisis Suit. Here's a closer shot, and you can see the Smart Missile conversions. Those missile boxes are off of Mechwarrior: Dark Age tanks. You'll see similar bits on the Broadsides.

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Anonymous said...

cool suit, love armored core myself so I actually know what you mean. Not exactly a fan of conversions on tau ships tho( they r pretty good left alone to me). Anyway awesome chrisis suit