Tuesday, June 16, 2009


While I thoroughly appreciate the fact that my girlfriend pretty much gave me her old camera...
I think we can conclude that she didn't lose much. But, here we've got some shots of the triplets. The paint job is actually pretty simple. Based white, chainmail, then diluted asurmen blue wash. Head is brown, then shining gold, then devlan mud. Gunbarrels and flamers are black, then chainmail drybrush. Joints washed over in black.
Very simple, very (in my mind) elegant. The guy on the right of the pic with the gun attached to his forearm can trade it out for a Bright Lance.
I am tempted, though, to re-pose them because I see way too many cool conversions.


oni said...

Seems to me like it's just an issue of motion blur. All you need is a small tri-pod to keep the camera still. Try setting it on something like a stack of books and keep it steady while taking the picture.

Faolain said...

Those heavy weapon to rifle conversions are pretty awesome. I have two of the second-ed wraithlords which are kind of plain but will soon get one of the new ones. I have to think how to convert it now.

Raptor1313 said...

Hmm. Thinking about it, Oni, could very well be motion blur, since I'm taking it by hand. I'll have to try bracing better and see if the pics come out.

The rifle conversions are more just taking the Wraithsword hand and hacking it up, though I'm pretty sure that there's a regular hand holding a grip in there. I'm glad you like 'em, though. I think it looks a little more menacing than all shoulder-mounts, as the guy with shoulder mounts and hands spread was meant to be fanning the flamers at a bunch of poor sods.