Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Painting Love

I intend to put up pictures of 'em, but 32 Kroot have been completed.

That puts the FTW score from 244 to 276. I'll put up pictures of them 'ere long.

Yay, Kroot. I can see why I'm not a fan of horde armies. At this point, the Tau army has some tanks, a couple Piranhas, and a heap of Crisis Suits. I just have to GET the crisis suits.

I also need to put the Warp Spiders and Howling Banshees on E-bay, as they're of no use and I could use the money.

I'll also have pictures up of the Tzeentch Heralds; they're on the modeling block. I've got a neat-looking Herald converted from a Necron Destroyer, when I had a brief bout of insanity and tried to play wth a gimped codex. (...I suppose that playing with daemons is moving from one gimped codex to another, but at least it's fun to model.)

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