Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tau (et al) Progress Report, 6-6-09

So, for the record, I am not idle in my modelling.

Having no job is a biiit of a downer in terms of getting stuff together, but I'm sitting on a Space Marine army that's dwindling as I sell it off, and actually about half the Tau stuff I need for my army. As it is, though, I've settled on my scheme and I've a Crisis Suit conversion drying on the bench and waiting for Primer.

The paint scheme, as an aside, will be the Bork'an scheme (out of the ones I tested out, I liked it the most because it's sharp looking and not hard to replicate, and it gives me room on the vehicles and suits).

The army, at current, looks like....

10 Crisis Suits
Own 5, testing out conversions on one.

6-12 Fire Warriors
12 assembled, primed, and have their gray coat on in front of me now.

32 Kroot
2 assembled/primed for testing purposes. Need to figure out if I'm going to bite it and get the doggy things from Fantasy, or model up Kroot Ninja for the hounds.

8 Pathfinders
All 8 assembled, primed, and gray-coated in front of me.

1-2 Devilfish
Own one, need to strip it and convert it to the Smart Missiles, but I've the bits for that.

2 Hammerheads
Own one, finishing up the conversion work on it. A little putty here and there....

2 Piranhas
Own one; it's partially assembled and in the box it shipped to me in.

Other Armies...
I suppose in fairness (and to get my lazy self painting more) I should mention how they're doing.

Dire Avengers
I need to finish up detailing the masks and basing the last few to get 'em up to 30 total.

Seer Council
I need to finish painting that errant Farseer, slap her on her bike, and touch up the rest.

Grav Tanks
I REALLY should e-bay enough stuff to get magnets to magnetize the Wave Serpent turrets, and remove them in a way that lets me magnetize them.

The Fire Prism/Falcon bodies need to be assessed for whether or not they're going to remain Falcon bodies. Much as I kind of like the Falcons, I'm rapidly questioning the utility of 3 BS3 S8 shots when I can get an energy field and a twin-linked BS3 bright lance for only a little more. Plus, it's roomier inside.


Fire Dragons
Complete, just recently. I should slap up a pic.

Prince Yriel
Figure out how I want to model him. I WILL be running him, much to Xardian's chagrin I'm sure. Except if I use that model, it's Princess Yrielette and the...y'know, the wrath joke in there is in terrible taste, and I'll resist for the time being.

10 complete, 5ish stripped and waiting for me to figure out if I want to do anything with them.

Warp Spiders
In the process of stripping so I can e-bay their worthless selves.

There's actually very little to do here; it's just been forever since I've broken them out. I am fighting the urge to do so again after tweaking 'em, but they will always be a 'fun' army. They just CANNOT kill vehicles reliably enough, even with Fiends.

I'm not satisfied with the current ones. However, they're holding 'til I can raise the $$$ to order Milliput in sufficient quantities to redo 15-18 of the boggarts. That's a decent amount of Milliput, or a few good auctions whenever I get around to setting up a Paypal account.

Daemon Princes
I really want to like my Wraithlords, but I'm not really convinced I'm ever going to field 3. I might yet break down and look for actual DP models, but at the moment I've some stand-ins.

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