Monday, June 15, 2009

Wraithzilla Batreps

Got some abbreviated batreps out of the Elfzilla v2 army, as I got a double-header in against a marine player.

He's still picking 'em up and streamlining the army, and learning, so bear that in mind. His list was:

Librarian w/ Terminator Armor, Storm Shield, Epistolary, Null Zone, Gate of Infinity

5 Terminators w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher

10 Sternguard w/ Powerfist, Meltagun, Rhino

Dreadnought w/ Multi-melta, Storm Bolter

10 Tactical Marines w/ Flamer, multi-melta, plasma pistol

10 Tactical Marines w/ Flamer, multi-melta

8 Scouts w/ Missile Launcher, Telion (was 10 scouts w/o Telion in game 1)

2 Land speeders w/ MM/HF (as seperate squads)

HB/AC Predator

Twin-las/HB Predator

Game one was Pitched Battle, KP. I scored a fairly clean win, as he went first and made the mistake of spreading out. I castled up, popped Rhinos, and then managed to slam Fire Dragons into his Terminators. Highlights include my Avatar going into a tactical squad, and flubbing itself to death while his only good dice luck was involved in beating down said Avatar. The Wraithlords and other stuff shot the crap out of him, and by turn 5 I'd wasted the Termies, the Librarian, a Tac Squad, a Rhino, a Predator, and a Land Speeder while he'd KO'ed some Fire Dragons, a Transport, and one other unit. He came in too spread out, and I was able to slam his units one at a time. His dice, it must be noted, were very cold in this game. I managed to keep a Wraithlord alive against a Sternguard squad rapid-firing Hellfire shots into him.

Round two was much closer. Spearhead and Capture the Flag. He held the speeders in reserve this time, along with the Termies and Libby, then set his tanks up to get good lanes of fire down the middle.

He did a much better job of swinging the Rhinos out around terrain, and left the Dread to advance up the middle. I blew the dread to hell with the Wraithlords, and set one DA Serpent out on a long end run that would ultimately bring it behind his scouts and objective.

His Termies and a Speeder showed up promptly on turn two, and his speeder missed. So long, speeder. Thank you, Energy Field. He might've been a bit more aggressive, though there was also the issue of two Serpents full of Fire Dragons nearby, the Avatar, and the Wraithlords. He did pop the Serpent on my far flank, and ended up committing the Sternguard to blowing those dragons away. I then threw two Wraithlords and a lotta guns at those Sternguard, while the Avatar gave the Termies a nasty case of the Beats to make up for his craptastic performance earlier.

The close part was that on turn five, he dumped two Rhinos (one full of 7 tac marines, and the other was the dying Sterngaurd's ride) on my objective, and walled his own objective up with the PRedators that had spectacularly failed to stop that racing Wave Serpent.

Thankfully, we had a turn six, so the Wraithlord had time to finish off the empty Rhino ( the damn thing got immobilized by a Wraithlord's shooting, only to proceed to NOT die when it promptly kicked the thing several times). I also spilled the last Rhino, and slammed everything into it...only to leave two alive at the end of turn 5. Come turn six? 10 Dire Avengers, the Farseer, a Wraithlord, and some Fire Dragons said 'hello goodbye' to the marines.

He managed to finally knock out the Serpent, and then move his speeder into position on turn seven. He'd mis-happed it when it deep struck in (gotta be ballsy deep-striking the speeders, as they get one shot) and I'd placed it all the way in one of the unoccupied corners.

In retrospect, I should've gotten my Avengers out, let 'em run, and then tried to assault the Scouts and pull 'em off the objective. It would've worked out better that way, since the Serpent spent a turn stunned up and sitting there staring dumbly at a twin-las, missile launcher and multi-melta.

Thoughts on Elfzilla V2
I'm tempted to drop the Rangers, since the Farseer and his squad have to sit back and monitor the Wraithlords. Damned Wraithsight special rule....::grumbles:: I'm a little worried about my counterassault abilities; against marines it's not so bad but if I deal with too many orks at a time? Only so much the twin-linked flamers can do, and the Avatar.

If I dropped the Rangers, I'd probably think in terms of either scatter-laser Vypers or double shuriken cannon vypers. Always the option of Storm Guardians for the flamer love, I suppose.

Any way you look at it, I'm reasonably satisfied with the list's durability. Three Wraithlords, four Wave Serpents, and Rangers in cover is a bit of a pain to dislodge.


Faolain said...

Do your wave serpents not have spirit stones? I would find the points to equip them. Eldar need that mobility, even if you miss out on shooting at least there's a lot you can do with a mobile wave serpent.

Raptor1313 said...

I tend not to run with Spirit Stones and Extra armor in most situations. Thing is, they commute a 'stunned' to 'shaken', and there's a 1/6 chance of getting stunned any given damage result. Chances are they won't see a lot of use, to be honest, and that's 40-60 points in most of my builds, which is a decent chunk of infantry.

I don't deny that there are times when a 'shaken' would've been highly preferable to 'stunned', but 5 times out of 6 it's just an extra 10 points.

The times I'd consider something like that (mostly extra armor) are on Dreadnoughts that I want to get into close combat; keeps 'em moving AND prevents them from losing a valuable attack when stunned.

Bocman said...

Bleh been away from posting for too long...

But I'm glad this army is working out for you. Since my CSM list is pretty much tweaked as much as it's going to get (taking it to its first tournament this weekend), I went ahead and bought the Eldar codex and was hoping for a much more mobile and shooty list. Probably going to copy yours, though I still need to look at each individual unit's possibilities (for which I'll go to your older thread when I have time).

I should be posting battle reports come Sunday or so.