Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flying Bases: the Stable Way

I don't know if I can really justify calling this a step-by-step 'how to', but this stems from getting a lot of comments and looks when I break out the grav tanks. Now, I run about 4-6 of these guys at a time, and one of the first things I learned about GW flying bases is that a bump to the table will spin the tank around. (Or a heavy footfall, a stray thought, or what have you) and I finally hit on a solution.

Now, note how the tank actually looks pretty indistinguishable from other grav tanks. I mean, the one thing that this screw-basing makes mandatory is flocking the base, but is that such a big deal?

Now, here's the magic. You'll need: a nut, and a bolt. Oh, and the flying base, some superglue, and some epoxy. Honestly, it's not that hard and not that precise. I favor JB Stick-Weld, and I grabbed a half-dozen nuts and bolts of the same size since I'd rather not spend time trying to sort out a half-dozen flying bases before each game.

Note the nut superglued to the spot where the flying base would attach. While this pic doesn't cleanly show it, there's actually a mound over the base of the bolt. There's also a wash of black paint over the bolt, to dull the reflectivity some.
I've reversed the flying base to better show the small mound of epoxy. You see there in the middle? That's the bolt, held in place by superglue. Now, notice the grey area? That's a mound of JB Stick Weld holding the bolt in place. Then the third ring? Flocking.
The one way you can break this easily is to screw the bolt in too hard. Then it comes out the top, and pushes the nut away from the grav tank's hull. Then you need superglue to fix it, but it's not like that's a MAJOR fix.
I don't do this on my Seer Council as they're pinned, small, and I can get away with it. When I get around to building up Vypers, I expect I'll be using a thinner bolt, as it'll probably take more effort to hide it.
I also intend to carry this forth on my Tau army, as I like the low hovering look more than the stupid landing gear. They're HOVER tanks. They HOVER.


Faolain said...

That is a fantastic idea. I may give it a try for my Cobra super-heavy. I use magnets normally but this is definitely more stable.

LadyFalcia said...

The new Valkyrie flying bases are available from the GW site for £6 a pop. Am basing Swooping Hawks with normal small flying bases for a similar reasons as that stated above. They fly, gosh darnit.

Raptor1313 said...

I have not actually dealt with the Valk flying base much; most of the time it's across the table from me. I've also learned to blow it to hell as fast as possible since it has meltagun vets inside of it.

I tend to see Eldar grav tanks more as hovering close to the ground. The design just says 'ground-effect vehicle' (like, 5-7 feet off the ground) to me too much, whereas I can definitely see a Valkyrie moving up and over terrain and popping up like a helo.

...plus, I don't want to drop for the flying bases on my Serpents.

EmperorsWrath said...

Agree with the flock the bases comment. I think all flying bases look better flocked anyway. The flying base is clear yes, but not invisible. It's also shiny so I've always flocked them to match the rest of the army.