Friday, June 19, 2009

Mech Eldar HQs

So, after some time I finally got around to touching up the fusion gun/power weapon autarch, and the jetbike farseer.
I can't take credit for the boob job on the autarch; as I got that from Xardian when he lost his will to be a space-elf and slather himself in 'cheddar.'
I freely admit that the autarch is me giving in to an impulse towards the absurd. I was thinking about '...ok, what do I need to do to communicate thati t's armed with a fusion gun?' I could've just modded up one of my Fire Dragons, but I tend to run a dozen from time to time. Plus, I had the sweet power weapon/shuriken pistol autarch from Xardian. Now, I'm never going to slap the Swooping Hawk wings on it, so those are out...and I just glued the flags on. Xard's freehand, not mine. He's good at painting.
The fusion blaster (combined with a jetbiker's hand and GS to mount it) is me giving in to that impulse for the absurd.
Why? Because the autarch is all about BIG GUNS.
Sorry. Had to do it.
The Farseer's just sliiightly borrowing from the Banshees; she's an Exarch and the remainder of my Seer Council is made of older banshees modified with the legs of jetbikers.

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