Friday, May 29, 2009

Tau Schemes, Part 2

I've been brainstorming paint schemes for my upcoming Tau army, though admittedly army expansion is waiting on more trades/me getting a job. Not having an income inconvenience, to sya the least. That aside, here's some of what I pulled from Soulstorm's army painter. It is a bit limited in that it's got a very set pattern, but it does let me get quick and easy shots of a paint scheme.

The Bork'an scheme doesn't look too hard to pull off. Prime, slap the black cloth with some codex gray drybrushing, then do the white armor (drybrushing, maybe a thin black wash?) and then paint light blue squad markings. It looks a bit parade to me, or suggests I do some snow/urban basing.

I have to admit I'm a bit drawn to the D'yanoi scheme. It has a slight concession to parade colors, but the brown and white looks like a badlands scheme to me.

I think the other one out of here that catches me is the Sa'cea scheme. The military blue-gray looks tidy, though I'm not entirely sure what locale it would actually fit into. An ice world, maybe?

The Tau'n scheme also looks sharp, but the white's bothering me in that it looks more parade than anything else.

The Vior'la scheme looks like a very pale green with red and gray trimming. It looks a bit military, but that kind of pale gray makes me think more of an airborne type of unit.


DebonaireToast said...

I'm partial to the white tau m'self. Be warned though,obtaining a sharp white base coat is more difficult than it appears. Layers! ..and lots of 'em.

Mik said...

Of those shown, I'm drawn to the Vior'la scheme the most. Picking the right scheme is tricky business, but with such great looking models as Tau, almost anything will look good if its applied even halfway decently.

jabberjabber said...

I like the Tau'n and Bork'an - I know its very parade ground ... but I think that could be very good with a bit of obvious dirt splattered around the feet (etc.).