Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tau Broadside Team Conversion

You were all promised pictures of Tau conversions the other night. Well, I deliver (you SAVE! Or something like that). As you can see, I've cobbled together the Broadsides I intend to run. I have spoken on them in other posts, and I have indeed drawn inspiration from the Battletech Rifleman IIC. This conversion uses pieces of the Mechwarrior: Age of Destruction Ghost. Specifically, I borrowed the lower legs, cockpit, and side of the torso. The missile pods are from an Age of Destruction model as well. The arm guard is from the Eldar grav tanks, and the guns are a mix of fusion blasters and plasticard tubing.
Overall, I think it gives the Broadside a much more imposing look. It's obviously derived from the XV-8 suit (as per the fluff), but it looks bulkier and more armored.
The Shield Drone antennae (as well as the Crisis Suit's single antennae) are sawed-off Pulse Rifles. Hey, you kitbash your Pathfinders off the Fire Warrior kit (which is much more cost effective, BTW) and you'll have spare rifles. The 'radar dish' on top is from the Skyray kit; it's the Markerlight mount cemented into place with some Green Stuff.

Naturally, the bases lack the snow. I intend to run one more batch of snow, as I see no need to waste it, and it's easier to mix up in larger batches. Right now I'd have a handful more bases to do, and the Crisis Suits. I intend to run the team thusly:

2 XV-88 Broadside Suits (2x70)
Each w/ Advanced Stabilization System (for the required battlesuit support system) (2x10)
One w/ Upgrade to Team Leader (5)
-Drone Controller w/ 2 Shield Drones (30)
-Hard-wired Target Lock (5)
Total: 200pts.

The team can move and shoot (so I don't lose a turn of shooting to clever maneuvering, or the need to backpedal. More for the move/shoot). The Drones are there to keep the unit alive longer, as someone needs to eat that krak missile/lascannon/other instant death thing. The Target Lock lets me share the Railgun love.

More pictures to come: Kroot squads, the Piranha, and I need good shots of the Fire Warriors.

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Faolain said...

It's amazing how a little conversion can make an old model look new and unique. Nice.