Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kroot Squads

Another painted update? Wow. I must be feeling ambitious. These are my Kroot squads.

The squads are differentiated color. It's not like Kroot actually have that many ways to distinguish themselves as squads, so here we go. There are a grand total of 34 kroot here. Yay, meat shields!

You might notice a difference between the guys on the left, and the guys on the right. The ones on the left are my counts-as Kroot Hounds. They're simply Kroot that have fed on predators and developed a taste for stabbing the crap out of whatever they can really, really fast. The kroot on the right are the more garden-variety kroot that are fine whacking things with kroot rifles, or using the boom-stick portion. What matters to them is that they eat.

Both squads are 17 strong. This means you have to kill 5 of them to force a morale check, which should be reasonably difficult. Most of the time, anyway. We'll see, though. I'm reasonably pleased with how they came out, and I think the Kroot Stalkers (the counts-as hounds) are sufficiently different from the regular ones.

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Anonymous said...

Your really churning through this lot.

Keep at it.