Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crisis Suit Commander WIP, Mystery Sprue

And after a little bit of quiet, I offer proof that I have not been idle. This is the slightly WIP version of my Fire-Caste Commander. As you can see, it's a fairly heavy conversion, and, well, pretty sizeable as well. When he's finished, I'll post him alongside a regular Crisis Suit so everyone can get an idea of the size difference.

I actually have a list of inspirations for this one. The folks over at Advanced Tau Tactica have some amazing conversions up. Go check it out. For the Armored Core fans, I have to cite Noblesse Oblige and the Aaliyah chassis for the head.

The legs come from a Mechwarior Age of Destruction Nova Cat. I think it ends up looking like a heavier version of the leg that the rest of my conversions will have.

The hands, of course, were inspired by the conversion of Old Shatterhands. Knife + green stuff + powerfists + sanding = big hands for a Crisis Suit. The torso's bulked up with some flamer fuel tanks, and some marine thigh pouches on the top. There's a liberal application of green stuff and some sanding to make the chest look panelled. The side thrusters (the far outside) are taken from the back of a Mechwarrior AOD Phoenix Hawk. The extra wing-bits on those are from the Mystery Sprue.

Anyone have a clue just what this sprue is and where it came from? I'm seeing Imperial, Chaos, Tau and Eldar bits on this thing. I can't think of where I got it. I think it came in the triple-Falcon boxed set, or some such.


Squirrel_Fish said...

That is one epicly posed suit, although from the front view, it looks rather crowded.

Anyways, I think your mystery sprue is the vehicle command upgrade kit for apocalypse sets.


Darkmolerman said...

That is the apocalypse command upgrade spure, it is actually quite valuable. Nice Tau battlesuit

Max said...

Nice conversion, and love the paint scheme. Gives the squeaky clean Tau a nice gritty look.

SpartanTau said...

Glad to see ATT has helped you out! You'd be surprised how many stunning conversion exist outside of the ATT-BCC! From what I can tell from the pictures, it looks like you've done a fine job... Now you'll only need to worry about TLOS issues when using it!

The_King_Elessar said...

Damn, very much ninja'd. Ah well. I recommend using the Eldar piece for a cool Wave Serpent conversion, I plan to eventually build. I've got it all planned.

jabberjabber said...

Yep - its the apocalypse upgrade spure that comes with (e.g.) the vindicator line breaker formation boxed set.