Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crisis Suit Conversion 2

And here we go...this is my second generation of Crisis Suit conversions.
The first one is a bit different.

I've kept the head to an easier mod. The aerial is a barrel from the Burst Cannon. The 'cheeks' are plasticard bits.
The most work is in the legs. I like the double-jointed legs; supposedly the 'digitigrade' leg is a more efficient stride and all that. I'd wager it's also better for jumping as well.
The legs are pretty simple: I trim the lower leg from the normal battlesuit, file it, reposition it, and add about a centimeter of narrow, boxy plasticard.

The altered jetback is pretty simple. Hacksaw it off, then cut a couple lengths of boxy plasticard. I think the angle and extra exhaust port on the bottom make them look a little more dynamic and sizeable.

I'm back and forth on the wings, and I feel that the real issue the suit has is in the legs. The head is a second place, but I think this mod is workable. I admit I'm inspired by what I've seen on Warhammer Tau in terms of mods for the head. My challenge is that I'm getting the suits predominantly in trades or off e-bay, so the bits aren't always included. I could easily get the missile pods, but I'm liking the scratch-built stack of them better.

In general, I think I actually captured the pose of 'hopping out from behind of grav tank and firing missiles' well. At least, I like it. Probably change my mind in a bit.

Oh, and of course for the record it's a little WIP-py on the paint...I expect that to be remedied soon.

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jabberjabber said...

Nice work - I like the aerial especially (purely on aesthetic grounds!).