Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Piranha Number 1

I mixed up a batch of snow basing material. I think I've got that down, but now I figured I would share pictures.

This is one member out of the Piranha squadron, or "WEEEE! We're in your face with a meltagun!" It's like all those annoying attention-whore, loud, high-pitched whiny children you never want to deal with, except it kills you if you ignore it.

I'm not much a fan of the flying bases, since they tend to break. In fact, this guy's hole had already been filled by a busted peg. So, we apply the magnet to it. Good old rare earth magnets to the rescue. As you can see, the flying base has a big one on it (superglued to a piece of plasticard, which is in turn plastic-cemented to the stick). The Gun Drones have a small magnet on the bottom, and a small magnet on top of the base. Considering that the Piranhas are not too hard to destroy (AV 11/10/10 open-topped, after all) I think it's safe to say I'll be needing to slap the gun drones onto their bases pretty regularly.

Sadly, I don't yet have Piranha #2 (unemployment and all...kinda can't go out and drop $30 on 'im). The they'll be a happy little short-lived squad. Planned kit is a Disruption Pod for the 4+ cover save, and then gear for +1BS, and the ability to multi-target with the squad's weapons. Their role is harassment, contesting, and blocking up movement lanes. They're also quite expendable in those roles.

I'm pretty satisfied with the paint job, as I think it gets across the 'weathered, worn, and long in the field' look I'm aiming for with the cadre. I think there are a lot of sharp, crisp, clean Tau armies out there, and I want my grubby blue guys to stand out. It's the Greater Good, but they're a little tired and could use a few weeks R & R.

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