Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tau pictures looming

A quick teaser:

I've finally finished building/converting the Broadsides. I primed them tonight, and intend to get them painted up in the next couple days, so we can all see how the Rifleman-inspired buggers do. Included with them will be the Piranha, and the Kroot that have been done for a bit. I'm finishing up the last two 'hounds' (I mean ninja Kroot, or Kroot Lancers? Something like that.)

You'll also notice a lot of the up-and-coming bases will be lacking snow, but I'll be doing them as a batch.

If I end up real productive, I'll have a WIP Crisis Suit or two with me.

For the Tau army in general, I lack:
-1 Piranha
-about 5 Crisis Suits
-Some components for the second Hammerhead (Railgun, etc.)

Amazing how close it is to completion, since it doesn't feel nearly done. I need to break it out and get it onto the tabletop some.

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