Monday, August 17, 2009

Crisis Suit Team 1, Finished

Here is is, the first Crisis Suit team converted up and completed. I'm pretty satisfied with how they came out, all in all.

The only real conversions are the legs and thrusters, and those aren't too huge. Cut plasticard tube, add extra joint. The thrusters involved measuring a bit of rectangular plasticard tubing, and angling it correctly. All in all, the toughest part was getting the legs to set, look right, and line up. Hence, some of the guys sitting on plasticard strips which were then glued to the base. But, hey, the result's a dynamic pose, isn't it? So it's worth it, in my opinion.

The missile racks are stacked plasticard tubing, in part because I like the triangle a bit more for an arm mount and in part because of the potential scarcity of those. The plasma rifles are the stock plasma rifles, largely because I think those look plenty Tau. Looking back at it, I think I have to claim inspiration from the ESWAT/Ghost in the Shell armed suit for the legs.


Mike Moran said...

Very nice work on those jetpacks! The split design reminded me of work done on ATT for the BCC... Let me just find the link...

The idea is kind of the same, and I like both of the angles taken (both imaginatively and actually) with the jetpack. The custom Missile Pods also look pretty sweet as well.

Raptor1313 said...

Ah, thanks for the links. I've got them somewhere, but they tend to hide.

The angles were a bit inspired by some of those and from White Glint of Armored Core: For Answer fame.

Also, I've got my commander conversion coming, which takes a bit more inspiration from that sweet Commander Farsight conversion.

Thakorr said...

Hey! Thanks for your comments about my new Ice Themed Necrons. THe nest step is "snowing" the bases. Did you follow a tutorial or do yours from scratch?

If so , what did you use?

Raptor1313 said...

It's not a tutorial so much as simple recipe I gleaned elsewhere. I'll track you down and post it on your blog, but here, it's something like:

Baking Soda
White Glue
White Paint
some water
Broad-headed toothpick (for application)
Little paper cup (the really little kind you don't mind pitching)

Put equal amounts baking soda, white glue, white paint. Add a few drops water to thin. Apply. More water = less chunky snow.

Thakorr said...

What advantage is the Baking Soda over the snow flock from GW? I have a container of both. Just wondering if one is better than the other?

Raptor1313 said...

I've never tried the snow flock, but I would wager that the baking soda is much cheaper.

Itkovian said...

They look very cool. Nice conversion. I'm going to have to go home and watch that scene of GITS again...