Sunday, July 5, 2009

More Tzeentch Heralds, and even a Devilfish

Well, I was busy on the fourth of July, but here we go. I finished painting up the two converted Jetbike-chariot Tzeentch heralds. Flamer + Jetbikes + weapon bits + melee bits from Chaos Knights.
And a less well-lit shot. It conceals the part where the red herald's scythe didn't glue straight.

And, the first (and maybe only) Devilfish needed for the Tau. It's heavily drybrushed, and meant to look like it's beat-up and worn and been in the field a while. The snow hasn't been added to the base. You can also see the smart missile conversions; it's a Mechwarrior: Dark Age bit that I already have, and it beats bit-ordering the things.

I do think I'm going to cut the flying base down a bit to make it look like it's the lower flying base.


Faolain said...

I am strongly considering playing Daemons eventually. These unusual conversions give me a few ideas, though they're going on the back, back, back burner until I get my current armies painted.

Raptor1313 said...

I'm glad they're useful for inspiration.

Honestly, the reason I picked daemons up was for the sheer possibility of conversions.

I'm also not keen on metal, which sadly, Plaguebearers ARE. They're also your choice for claiming objectives. Same goes for the Greater daemons. It's a case of "Oops, I dropped it, and it blew up."