Thursday, July 30, 2009

Minor Tweakage

As a nod to some of the FTW sentiment about blog-rolls, I've added a roll to the side. Take a look at the stuff; it's interesting stuff. I follow people.

I'm also somewhat amazed I managed to rate the 'command squad' section of FTW. Apparently I generate some traffic? SCORE. I should pat myself on the back, or something?

Instead, I'm going to keep doing what I do? Which is write stuff... I do intend to crank up some thoughts on Eldar melee choices, and I think I'll add a little side-device for tactic articles I've written.

Apparently, some of them are worth the looks? I don't think I'm The Last Word in tactics, but I think I'm capable of figuring out (and perhaps more importantly) communicating some decent ideas on what they can do.

I would like to get more batreps up; I just need to remember to bring the camera and take some notes. It's work enough to keep track of stuff, but hat's off to those who do and edit video batreps.

I am also pondering adding some stuff about Dark Heresy (as I have recently begin GMing a session for some of my buddies, including Jon) though on the other hand, I think that might dilute the blog a bit. Side note: consider hot-shot clips for las guns taking head-shots at people that have something like 15 wounds. Apparently 1d10+4 damage to the head ISN'T ENOUGH.

Likely, though, I'll just keep to tactics.


jabberjabber said...

Your tacticas make for great reading - keep up the good work mate :)

RonSaikowski said...

I appreciate all you do for FTW, everyone contributes to the Group and that's what makes it what it is today.

I know that I may not please everyone with the new setup but I've got to take a Tau like approach to the thing I think... do the most good for the most people.

Thanks for adding/helping with a blogroll here. I know that when I go to a site, I check out what they post and then I look at what they link to.

There is some great stuff out there these days .

LadyFalcia said...

Congratulations on becoming a command squad ;). As an aside on Dark Heresy, we've been playing a few games and last session we finally got into combat.

Metallican Gunslinger from the Inquisitor's Handbook, taking Ambidextrous, Two-Weapon Fighting (Ranged) and Gunslinger. Two autopistols with full clip. Overwatch on an area as the group of men came towards us. :P Because Overwatch is triggered as soon as the trigger event happens, I roll for initiative and go again that same round anyway. To use Overwatch, it has to be half your range. That means you get +10 to hit, +20 for using Full Auto, and they get -20 to their Pinning test. As Gunslinger gives you +5 to BS and you really should have put your highest roll into that anyway (and the base is 30) then you should have it around the 40 mark.

You have 6 bullets with autopistols, and for each degree of success (10 points between your roll and the TH, in this case probably around 70, you get another shot off. You have two guns, which work exactly the same. With decent to good rolls, you're looking at about 6 shots of 1d10+2 hitting. I rolled pretty well and with my two turns in that round managed to kill 12 "extras" (that is, NPCs who dont get critical damage and so on).

However, I did no damage whatsoever compared to the grenade our guardsman threw at the other advancing group, killing 21. So, err, yeah. Get grenades. ;)

And tell me what you think which unit I should get to complement my force because I have too many Fast Attacks :(. And which Fast Attack I should kick out. At the moment I'm tempted to swap out my Furies for five Fiends.

Raptor1313 said...

@jabberjabber and Ron
Thank you very much for the kind words. As for FTW, well, I think you're on the right track for 'most good for the most people'. I'm trying to figure out how to get a bleeding third column in here to format it up.

@Lady Falcia
Fiends, all the way. I'd probably lose the Screamers first, just because they're single-task and if the enemy moves their vehicles at all, you lose a heap of effectiveness. Fiends? If they can touch it and it's not in cover, they'll carve it up. Full unit tosses 36 dice on the charge, which is pretty sweet. You'll feel like an Ork player for a moment.

I've found throwing 'extras' at the group to be highly comical. Best moment we had with 'extras' was the Guardsman with a heavy stubber calling 'suppressive fire' and promptly 'suppressing' both targets with a bullet between the eyes.

Right now our party's rolling with an Arbite, Psyker, Guardsman and my Tech Priest (who's there for my amusement, and as group lead/medic/demolitions). Guardsman found a Heavy Stubber from a randomized gear drop, so he's been toting that, and damn if it doesn't make a difference once he gets it braced. Also, you've no idea the power of a friendly Psyker 'til you see it. I spring a nasty melee-based, somewhat-tweaked Daemon at them from the Creatures Anathema book. Before entering the room, the Psyker casts 'Inspiring Aura', which gives everyone a +20 WP bonus against Fear and Pinning. They walk in, see the spends its action telekinetically closing the door behind them, laughing, and closing in.

Everyone passes their Willpower check, and sends the daemon back to the warp. Final boss fight, elapsed time? 2 rounds, or about 20 seconds. Damn. They killed the last one via Instability and luck when a Psy Rating 3 daemon rolled a 2, 1, 1 to manifest a psychic attack. Whoops. Do make sure you go to and get the FAQ, though. Corrects a heap of stuff, and makes Bolt weapons more worth taking. (Gives 'em tearing.)

The_King_Elessar said...

Grats! :)

I find your comments regularly informative and worth reading, whether here, or on another blog.

As regards reformatting to 3 columns...I wouldn't have thought it was so hard if hadn't tried it months ago on mine...I gave up though. I can't be bothered, unless someone shows me how, or does it for me, I'm just going to make do...I was proud I changed my own background colour! :D