Thursday, July 2, 2009

Deathwing Conversion sub-assembly 1, Daemon Teaser

Here, we see a side-by-side comparison of the old metal termies (left) and the new plastic ones (right). Note carefully that Mr. Metal Termie is short and squad, while the plastic one stands taller and looks even more menacing. (Yes, he's big enough that his storm bolter and powerfist still look cooler than the thunder hammer and storm shield the other dude has.) This is a problem for me, as I am using metal termies in my Deathwing-conversion project.

Why? Simple. I simply CANNOT sell my termies. It's not worth it. The Assault on Black each boxed set is a solid bargain, and as such you can order 5 plastic terminators on-sprue for $10-15 dollars. I just don't feel like handing off Termies for $2 a head. It seems like a waste of my time.

So, I'm going to do something even more time-consuming: invoke the almighty power of Counts-As, and make a Deathwing-themed army.

And THIS is how we solve the problem. The Terminator in the middle is a bizarre, unholy fusion of plastic and metal. How did he come to this terrible state? Simple. I temporarily relieved him of his arms, hacksawed him in half at the waste, and then inserted a cutting of 1mm thick plasticard. Note that it's not precise, but that's what green stuff (or, in my case, green-stuff robes) are for. Note how that even without the arms, he stands tall and proud. Soon, franken-fusion termie, you'll have arms again.

Behold, the beginning of the unholiness. Seven terminators relieved of arms, rent in twain, and then enhanced with plasticard. The work begins. Dramatic proof I'm serious about this Deathwing thing.
More proof I'm serious will involve mass-producing cloaks to go on them (taken from a casting of the Chaos Terminator Lord/Sorceror's kit) and mass-producing the FTW-style pre-heresy terminator shoulder pads.
And, the promised teaser: one of my heralds of Tzeentch. I had a necron destroyer laying around from that temporary-insanity phase where I tried to run a Necron army, and realized there's a difference between challenging yourself with a codex, and playing an army that's deficient. This guy needs a little more paint, but I'm pleased with how he's going. It fits into the Daemonforge theme I've got going on.


Dezartfox said...


Sorry I'm a huge terminator fan, I collect them,aim to have each of every model..

great idea!

Raptor1313 said...

Thank you for the compliment.

I mean, I like termies, but as I said, there's just no point in selling 'em, I've no need to buy more, and the metal ones just look REEDY.

The next step is a little bit of plasticard for spacers for the arms to help the breadth problem. They're just not wide enough.