Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Potential Thunderwolf Mount Options, et al

I've been brainstorming how I wawnt to do my potential Wolf army. The thunderwolves are, so far, the biggest issue: I'm not dropping $41.25 a head for a bunch of Canis Wolfborn models, or a bunch of Juggernauts/Bloodcrushers.

I'd like to direct you all to the Warhammer Bitz section of the GW site.

Mounts look like decent deals on the bitz. Options include:
-A bunch of types of horses

The horses and wolves are $15 for 5. If you like the sculpts, it's a decent enough deal.

If you're looking for storm shields, the shields section of said site is certainly worth a look for interesting options. While it's totally unrelated to wolves, the wings section there is pretty damn cool.

There's the Beasts of Chaos, at $22 for 10.
Vampire Count Dire Wolves are also $22 for 10, but a bit more beat-up looking.

Marines on Dinosaurs
I am vaguely tempted to use Cold One cav and put marines on dinosaurs. I think I could get a neat scaly them going with some Alpha Legion shoulder pads, some Dark Elf Corsair capes, and some Lizardmen shields for the odd storm shield. $70 would get me more than enough dino-horses, and the capes are about a buck a piece. Not bad, all in all. I might end up rolling with that.

I'd consider the dark elf Cold One riders, 'cept it's a dainty little thing and I'm not sure marines would fit on it. I'd go Carnosaurs, except they're $35 a head or so.

EDIT: I might have to convert up at least one Unicorn Cavalary. Just because. Then again, it's a mutant horse, and mutants are bad, so...yeah.

I think I'm probably going to roll with the Dinosaur theme, and go with the Alpha Legion pads and DE Corsair capes on the footsloggers. Not quite sold on, y'know, capes on a horse. Then again, Marines might.

I mean, it's marines on dinosaurs, and it's pretty much in the name. Raptor1313? Army of Raptors? Just maybe.


jabberjabber said...

I've seen a couple of people use cold ones - they look pretty cool on the table top!
You're right about the carnosaurs as well - they'd look terrific, but are pricey.

Mik said...

Do something no one would suspect...go with Unicorns!

Chumbalaya said...

I like the Cold Ones idea, may have to steal.

duo337 said...

I like the Cold Ones idea as well. Some green stuff that you do oh so well and some random bits added on and you could really have something different in the works here. I would personally forgo the corsair cloak options for wolf pelts instead. This still gives it a wolf type feeling none the less that he is riding a lizard. Also if a lizard man can ride a Cold One... then I am pretty sure a space marine can fit on one.

Max said...

I have to go with Mik on the Unicorn option. Battle-cousins to the rightly feared and adored Pretty marines, the Space Unicorns ride gloriously into battle on their white, rainbow marked steeds. Of all the spectacles of war that I have seen, nothing matches a massed charge of Space Unicorns.

suneokun said...

Check out bitzbox (or equivilent) for shields and thundershields (especially with the new terminator wolves set... They'll be flying about all over.

Bionic0range said...

I thought this might be interesting:

Not mine, but it sure looks awesome. If I had the money and patience, a whole lizard-themed SM army would be easily possible. For fenrisian wolves, salamanders/razordons would be cool (although ridiculously expensive)