Monday, October 26, 2009

The Magical, Magical Power of Counts-As

Rest assured serious readers that I am working on more tactical-minded stuff; I've got some thoughts of strategy-type articles rattling around my dome. On the other hand, I have a midterm tomorrow, just started work today, and had to cover for an idiot group member and crank out a section of a research paper because someone can't be bothered to read directions or study facts.


That aside, I'd like to discuss modelling.

Namely, GW has some funky ideas about what we, the consumer, might actually buy. The short and simple case?

I've already discussed some options for T-wolves, but it's fuelled even more by hearing that Canis Wolfborn is molded to his wolf. Note well that Canis is ALSO metal, so he's a $41.25 bugger.

Seriously, GW has 'til they FAQ the SW 'dex and maybe a little more time to either get out an affordable option (...people probably would pay $30 for two plastic ones, but I think that's still price-gouging because it's like bikes) or people will get lower-cost options.

Bikes in General
$15 a unit. Space Marines can do an all-biker army. I think at 2000 it's legit to say that such an army could readily deploy about 20-30 bikers. $15 a head...oh, and let's not forget that 3-4 of these are probably attack bikes, at $25 a head.

There's also a secondary reason people might consider Cold One Riders for Eldar jetbikes/Seer Councils: $25 for 5 guys. Or, you can drop $15 a head. Do some math. Or, don't, and get the Elves On Dinosaurs. (EVERYTHING IS COOLER ON DINOSAURS. YOU HAVE MY WORD ON IT.)

Eldar tend to call it the 'Exodite' faction, or the 'I don't live on a Craftworld' guys.

And then...DAEMONS!
The Daemon army, though, is by far the greatest offender (and candidate for counts-as). For me, it's things like Fiends and Flesh Hounds. I'm looking at 18 fiends in an army.

Fiends are $20. $20*18 = $360.

Flesh Hounds are 5 in a box for $41.25, and $20 for Karanak. I want to run 36 flesh hounds, including Karanak.

(5*41.25) + 20 = $226.52

So, for my elites and fast attack, I'm dropping $586.25, and if I think in terms of an 8% sales tax, that's $633.15*

Or, maybe I'm going to use the Vampire Count undead hounds + bits for my Fiends (2 boxes at $22) and Beasts of Chaos for my flesh hounds (4 boxes at $22) for $132, or $142.56. Go GF9 for the 40mm bases for the Fiends, and it's still not a lot.

So, who wants to build 52 metal models?
Who wants to build/convert 52 plastic ones?

About what I thought.

To be honest, part of this IS about the modelling. Honestly, I hate building multi-part metal models, and I think the metal Fiend of Slaanesh is pretty 'bleh', to put it lightly. I don't mind the Flesh Hounds so much beyond their price, and the fact they're still multi-part metal models.

The other part is, unabashedly, cost. This is not a cheap hobby by any means (after you factor in that your models take paint and carrying cases, both of which cost) and part of what hurts new entry is the sheer freakin' cost to enter.

Honestly, GW? Please, make it cheaper to enter. We need new blood, and this new blood doesn't need to hear that sometimes, your new army DID cost more than your first car.**

*If you want to make it worse, add in 25 plaguebearers for $118.80, then figure that chariots are something like $20 and you're running four of them, so that's another $85 easily. So, army total is actually something like $836.95. I'm pretty sure there's a house payment and a kegger hidden in there somewhere.

**Or a car.

Note also I add in tax this time around just because the amounts are getting large. There's not a real big deal with tax when you're dropping like $35-40 on a boxed set; it's a couple bucks. It just starts adding up once you reach the few hundreds.


zealot said...

pure win.

and I have started my exodite army on cold ones. :D



jabberjabber said...

When you put the hobby costs in terms of buying a car, it gets me scared!

Tristan said...

DINOS ftw - have a few salamanders bikers being built on cold ones :)

duo337 said...

Thus the economics of Warhammer/40k/Gamesworkshop have been re-evaluated. Plastic for the win as always~! Metal while cool... not worth it in the end. Conversions are cooler anyways.

Zzzzzz said...

I've just thought about what you've written. My first car cost £300.00 (over a decade ago).

Each of my viable armies cost over £600.

Food for thought indeed.