Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog Pupatation

At least, I think pupatation is a word. Moving to larva, to pupa, to adult? Or am I pulling this out of a dark and smelly place? I do not know.

At any rate, I've made some changes after pondering some and being prompted to finally make some. Stelek had some good suggestions, and I'd meant to fix the whole stupid column-width thing I had going on.

These changes include:
-Comments moved to a popup
-Color Scheme Change
-variable width

The variable width is staying. I'm looking for angles on the color scheme change, and the comments-to-popup. I think I might keep the popups, as it allows a reader to look at the original post and/or pictures within, without having to move back and forth so much.

The color scheme...up for debate. I'm a guy that thinks in terms of the cooler colors, and while red might be more spiteful, I think blue/grey has a nice, cool feel to it that makes it tolerable to stare at.

EDIT: I decided the title border needed something other than black, and decided the top bar needed to not be blue.


Faolain said...

I do like your text color. Don't take it any lighter, it's very easy on the eyes.

Itkovian said...

Works well, I like it. I should probably follow that link Stelek provided for variable width - I've been meaning to switch to three columns for quite a while, so may have more of a look in that direction and hope the width comes with it...

Mercer said...

Looking better :)

Bionic0range said...

And Stelek said: let there be changes to the blog, and there were changes.