Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Possible Wolf List

Or, I Still Love Thunderwolves, But Here's Another Take. This time, we'll take advantage of the fact that we can take up to four HQs, and we'll actually run a named fellow: Canis Wolfborn. Or, 'Wolf' Wolfborn. Simple GW Translations, For The Win! Then again, the Iron Hand Primarch, Ferrus Manus, literally translates to 'Iron Hand.' Ultramarines are ultramarine get the idea.

At any rate, what you all came for:

That's A Lotta Wolves (Literally) 1850
Canis Wolfborn [185]

Wolf Guard Battle Leader [170]
-Thunderwolf Mount
-Frost Blade
-Storm Shield

Wolf Guard Battle Leader [170]
-Thunderwolf Mount
-Thunder Hammer
-Storm Shield

Rune Priest [120]
-Chooser of the Slain
-Saga of the Beast Slayer
-Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath

10 Grey Hunters w/ 2 Meltaguns [155]

10 Grey Hunters w/ 2 Meltaguns [155]

10 Grey Hunters w/ 2 Meltaguns [155]

10 Fenrisian Wolves [80]

9 Fenrisian Wolves [72]

9 Fenrisian Wolves [72]

Fast Attack
Thunderwolf Cavalry [230]
4 T-wolves, 1 w/ Thunder Hammer

Heavy Support
Long Fang Pack [140]
Pack Leader
5 Long Fangs w/ Missile Launchers

Long Fang Pack [140]
Pack Leader
5 Long Fangs w/ Missile Launchers

Total: 1849

Your plan is something like 'go that-a-way.' This time, though, each mounted HQ links up with some Fenrisian Wolves and goes a-hunting. Living Lightning and your Long Fangs endeavor to knock things out of transports, and in a pinch you've got the walking, angry Grey Hunters that are packing the rainy day fund of meltaguns.

Too bad Fenrisian Wolves don't have frag grenades. That, combined with T4/6+ feels like a great way to lose some, but then again two of their HQs are going at initiative with either a heap of Wolf Claw attacks or some S6 power weapon attacks.

The other thought is to drop a Thunderwolf and a Fenrisian Wolf to make the Battle Leaders into Wolf Lords, though that 30 points extra does get you +1WS, +1 wound, +1 attack, and +1 Ld.

Wolf Thoughts In General
I think I'm leaning towards a core of 20-30 Grey Hunters with meltaguns as a basic troops selection, and a Rune Priest minimally with Living Lightning and a Chooser of the Slain. That gives me a decent number of bodies, and psychic defense along with a unit for the Rune Priest to hide in. He sits back, he fires off Living Lightning, and I think I'll test the Saga of the Beast Slayer just because I don't like Dreadnoughts. That S10 thing kind of ruins my Thunderwolf Cavalry, and my HQs in general.

Though, if the enemy brings no Dreadnoughts? Fun times might very well ensue.

In fairness, I am contemplating a lot of models, but it's more like a core of 31 bodies, and then the rest of it gets a little more fluid from there. I may screw around with some other ideas.


haihastur said...

I've been thinking along the same lines as your army list, however I see a few problems with this kind of built :

1) Str10 weakness. As you said dreadnought, but also IG heavys, railguns, etc... I'm thinking some storm shield on the thunderwolves but they do cost a lot. a least one melta bomb to help with wound allocation.

2) Low leadership. Hunters are Ld8. Thunderwolves also Ld8 ? no fearless squad. psyker battle squad and horrofex gonna be hard to deal with. and even without those, Ld might be a problem for the 30 core hunters.

3) I'm not a big fan of thunderwolf-mounted HQs. your WGBL cost as much as 3 basic thunderwolves, with almost the same statline (S5 T5 W2 A4). you only gain +1WS/BS (eh), +2Ld (but don't really benefit from this as you give it to fenrissian wolves), +1I (that might help againt dreads and wraithlords).

suneokun said...

Oh god look, a Nob biker army with power armour. To be fair, Space Wolves on Wolves with wolves is very very cool and helps to overcome the whole fear of deepstriking (I'm just imagining a whole host of Mister T's going 'I ain't getting on no transporter - fool!')

As a guard player I have to say, not scary. But if I was taking guard, I'd take some serious Demolisher and S10 ordinance - manticore comes to mind...

Also remember that Cavalry (I field Rough riders a lot), even S3 3+ save can only move as normal troops. It's on the charge that they get their 'big moment' with an up to 24" charge (move-fleet-charge 12"). So they are best used as a counter attack or hidden by vehicles/cover on the way in.

For me, I'd field two manticores and a squadron of three medusas against them, that's 2D3+3 S10 ordinance templates turn one. At only a 12" a turn movement that's dead.

I'd also consider using 3x10 rough riders units on them, as the 63+D3 power attacks on the charge might catch them unawares...

That said, you'll never meet an army like that in a tournie and you'll certainly be within your rights to cry foul on such a twisted list...

But that's guard for you - they are the panacea to other armies...

But beware the movement, Cavalry aren't THAT fast!

suneokun said...

Sorry, meant to say T5 3+... was thinking about rough riders...

Who would have S5 I5 power attacks on the charge. resulting in 8 dead wolves - which is pants... but they'd kill over 400pts of wolves... IF they all got the charge?!?

Chumbalaya said...

I like the idea of a cav army and it looks good. Heroes go in the Wolf units and soak up any weaker hits while keeping their screen up.

Ld and S10 weaponry will be your biggest problems. Fast armies will give you fits too, those Long Fangs can only knock out so much, but once you get in range things should go smoothly.

Hudson said...

Should be a cool looking army on the table, have you figured out how you're going to do the basic Thunderwolves yet? (Inquiring minds want to know, so they can use the idea!)

Raptor1313 said...

@Haihastuer, Suneokun
S10 is the problem, you're both correct. Dreadnoughts are a priority target since I can't sort them in melee.

If the guard player does go demolisher/S10 heavy (...which they can) then T-wolf cav is pretty much boned. However, I'm (well, pretty much having to) hoping that most Guard players will go for S8 stuff, or the longer-ranged/more specialized Russes.

Guard is pretty much always going to be an uphill battle, so it is what it is.

I mean, I think most armies would struggle/sweat at seeing two Manticores and a squad of three Medusas. Can you think of one that wouldn't? Eldar WAve Serpents sweat a little less, and Tau might be ok if they can get some rail guns in there quick, but past that...yeah. Then again, if your opponent is building just to counter you...we can probably go back and forth on just how to build for specific stuff, but I'll admit that Guard can give this kind of list trouble.

You're correct to point out that charging Rough Riders could potentially school some T-wolves, but I'm not so worried about ever seeing them on the field. I'm a little more worried about the 30-man + commissar melee glob, since it's just a lot of bodies to cut through.

Yeah, I'm not real thrilled with the Ld8. It's a little low for my tastes.

I'm leaning more and more towards chopping up the horses that the fantasy mounted Chaos Knights come on. The body's large enough; I'm just going to do something to bulk out the legs and/or convert the head. But, that's because I want burly wolves.