Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eldar Army Pictures: Seer Council, et al

I've been meaning to take some pictures of what I've done recently for the Eldar, so here we go.

Princess Yriel/Jain Zar?
This model started life as a Howling Banshee exarch. Then, I decided I'd convert it to Prince(ess) Yriel, so I added a cloak (out of the likely-to-never-happen-Deathwing-Project) and some tabard bits on the front. Recently, though, I've been using it as a stand-in for Jain Zar, who's kind of fun when hidden in a unit of Harlequins.

Fire Dragons
These guys languished in 'chipped paint city' for some time. I obviously neglected to clear-coat them enough, so I stripped them and re-painted them. I also did the bases a bit different; there's Green Stuff AND flocking for texture. Additionally, I finally converted up some flamer-wielding Exarchs. Hey, I had 12 Dragons; I think I can get away with usually running 5.

Seer Council Farseer
She gets the standout bike in purple. The iconography on the bike is indeed hand-sculpted GS lovin'. I'm reasonably proud about how it came out. She is, of course, a Banshee Exarch, though that's a DA Exarch arm with shimmershield on the other side. I picked it because it looked like she was either yelling at her coed Seer Council to do better, or Dooming someone in a booming voice.

Seer Council Group Shot
This give syou a better idea of the composition. The runes on the front are actually coded; the first four are my Destructor 'locks, and the back group from left to right: Schmucklock x2, Enhance Lock, Embolden Lock. I'm pretty happy with how the color composition came out.

Oddball Warlocks
These are the three men in the group. The guy on the left is Schmucklock par excellence; he forgot a helmet so his pose is either getting shot in the face or calling someone out. Middle guy's brought to you buy the actual Jetbiker part, and he too is a schmucklock. He just kind of sticks out. Guy on the right is built out of DA parts. I actually like his pose; it looks a little bit cooler than the rest. I mean, he's Embolden Lock, he's SUPPOSED to be level-headed, right? Right.

Some Female Dire Avengers
Can you guess which one of these I got sculpted as female? If you said 'everyone but second from the left' then you would be correct. I believe the guy took molds of the Banshee exarch, Jain Zar, and maybe the odd female Guardian as models. His original theme was going to be the Sisterhood of Twilight.

The wash-tastic paint job, though, is all me.

Other Bits
I tried out Stelek's Competitive Daemons list. For me at 1850, it was:
4 Slaanesh Heralds (Might, Soporofic Musk, Charoit)
3x6 Fiends of Slaanesh
5x5 Plaguebearers
3x12 Flesh Hounds (each squad w/ Rending, one w/ Karanak)

Despite bad deep strike rolls, it was abjectly nasty. I also kind of underestimated how durable a Slaaneshi herald was, so some of them died less-than-glorious deaths. Still, all that S5 is enough to beat down some armor. I had a brutal tie in VP to one of my disciples of spite, though it was also his first time with mech guard. I think I might drop the $110 or so I need to actually complete that Daemon army, and then think about wolves.


Faolain said...

Next batch of Avengers I do I think I'll make a few female. The Eldar are equal opportunity employers.

jabberjabber said...

I'm liking the fire dragons and female dire avengers! The flamer wielding exarchs work very well.

Interesting 1850 pt daemons list as well. Those Slaaneshi chariots have been under-rated for too long (by myself included).

Chumbalaya said...

I like that council a lot, the Runes and the poses are quite sweet.

Raptor1313 said...

I think it's a mix of equal opportunity employment + not enough left alive to discriminate.

Thanks. That's a sentinel's heavy flamer and GS work for the Exarch.

That Daemon list makes people laugh when they realize it has no armor OR guns, and is a majority 5+ save. Then it's in your lines next time around. Those Slaaneshi heralds are just guided anti-tank missiles.

Thanks. Would you believe I used store-bought dentist tools as sculpting tools? Turns out they work amazingly well.

Dverning said...

Would you believe I used store-bought dentist tools as sculpting tools? Turns out they work amazingly well.
I would. I use a mix of clay shapers and dental tools... Also, nice work.