Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tau Schemes

I've decided to finally give in to my urge and start a Tau army, and to that end...well, I've taken a hint from Stelek's take on hybrid Tau. I'm also not a fan of the basic parade-scheme Tau, so it's out.

The army will include Kroot, Fire Warriors, tanks, and Crisis Suits. As such, I need to check out good ways to paint 'em.

I want to do some conversion work on my Tau, just to personalize them a little bit. What can I say? I'm a fan of doing at least some conversion work.

I've seen some sweet olive drab-ish Tau over at Warhammer Tau. I'm also fond of his conversions. I like the bulked-up torso, and the head-mods. I can't say I'm that fond of the bog-standard head.

I like the head conversions that Stelek's got on his Tau army, as well. The white and blue is sharp, but it's a bit bright for me.

If I do go a parade scheme, I admit I'm a bit attracted to the new-school Jade Falcon stuff Wizkids released a bit ago. Primarily black, green accents, and some gold here and there. If I go conversions, I can see if I've got wings to cast, and use the beaky heads as well. I just have to get someone to cast 'em, or cast 'em myself...

Admittedly, I aslo kind of want to do a bit of a camo-scheme as well. I'd want to do something simpler. I came across this sample of just a gently-striped gray. Simple two-toned scheme.

The other vague inspiration is salt-weathering. Jon's Vendettas (I could call 'em Valks, but I think I'll see 'em more as a triple-las threat...) are proof that it can turn out sharp, though I wonder how that'll look on Crisis Suits. I'd combine this with one of the more 'practical' schemes, to make it look like a Hunter Cadre that's been on the field for a time.


Mik said...

Kudos on your new army choice! I went with a simple two-tone grey drybrush over black that worked pretty well. A nice camo pattern would be preferable, but I couldn't pull it off. I look forward to more...

Raptor1313 said...

I think the simple scheme looks good on the Tau when it's more subdued. One of the things that's got me fighting against the Jade Falcon-esque scheme is that it's really hard to justify that as camo. Gray? Urban camo, or ashen wastelands, any way you look at it.

The Kroot will be my 'splash' of color, one way or the other, but I'll probably end up doing them in some kind of complimentary scheme. They'll be my obligatory 'wash', since I've grown fond of that type of painting.

The Kroot will also be a 'splash' of color when they die, but that's another story. I mean, what else are Kroot good for but taking up space and dying?