Friday, May 8, 2009

Hybridized Eldar Vs New Guard

I brought my Hybrid Eldar v1 list to fight my buddy's growing Imperial Guard army.

Hybrid Eldar v1
10 Wraithguard, Spiritseer w/ Conceal
10 Avengers in Shuricannon/Bright Lance wave serpent
10 Avengers in Shuricannon/Bright Lance wave serpent
8 Rangers
Wraithlord w/ Bright Lance, missile launcher
2 Fire Prisms w/ Shuriken Cannons

His looked something like...
Command Squad w/ Lascannon, Astropath
Allied DH Inquisitor lord w/ Hood, 2 Mystics, Several Warriors w/ flamers and a grenade launcher, some Acolytes?
Full Psyker Battle Squad in Multilaser/Heavy Flamer Chimera
3 Vet Squads w/ 3 meltaguns, Multilaser/Heavy Flamer Chimera
Vet squad w/ 3 meltaguns
Devil Dog
Vendetta w/ Heavy Bolter 'sponsons' (really the side doors, but who's counting? It's a damn cool model)
2-strong Gryphon Mortar Battery
Leman Russ w/ Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Lascannon
Leman Russ Demolisher w/ Lascannon, heavy bolter sponsons

Lots of armor...and it's a bit of a 'what he had completed.'

I'll start off by saying the dice played quite a role in this one...

I went first in Pitched Battle/Seize Ground. He had an objective in the middle of his DZ in cover; there was one about 6' out of my DZ towards the middle, and one just out of my DZ on my left flank.

End of the game looked like:
Avatar w/ 1 wound remaining; presiding over Dead Russ
Avengers on middle objective
Depleted Wraithguard on his 'home' objective.
Mortars and Inquisitor hiding out in far corner
Serpent w/ Guys in it
Serpent blocking Dire Avengers on middle objective.
Vet Squad on objective on my flank

Highlights include...
His ability to pass two psychic tests with Runes of Warding
His ability to land a lot of stuff on-target and my inability to pass Fortuned 3+ saves and 5+ saves...
His utter inability to make a psychic hood test...out of ~13 psychic powers that went off, he

Lessons on the guard?

Devil Dog
Devil Dog = not that useful, but the underbelly had 'Hellhound of suck' on it, so that's probably a hint that he bought a cursed unit. The Devil Dog, as he suspected, just isn't that hot. It got one shot off, got stunned, tank-shocked, then got immobilized. It DID help run my Pathfinders off the board.

PAIN. Three twin-linked lascannons on the flank is pretty nasty, as is the squad. Might've hurt more if I hadn't been Eldar skimmers with 12/12/10. Either way, it came on and nuked a Fire Prism. The Wraithlord shot it down (well, immobilized it) and it did some harm...well, ok, his dice deserted the hell out of him and he managed to kill a Dire Avenger with a lascannon, and that's it. Still took me some time to kill it.

Accurate...though against a mechanized build, they don't do much. Early on, I was over-correcting my mistake yesterday with Eldrad and had the Wraithguard (w/ Eldrad), Avatar and Wraithlord all slammed together, and this cost me. Still, past that...they were negilgible. They were annoying, they sat over in the side, and they shelled me. They ALSO accounted for a good number of Wraithguard, but mostly because of my inability to pass 3+ re-rollable armor saves.

Cover also totally harms them, and in truth, a squad of them is unlikely to actually do as much damage to smaller units because they barrage OFF the first shot, and with the might bracket the whole squad. It runs into the problem of barraging Battle Cannon shots into stuff. You're likely to overkill.

Vet Squads
About what I expected out of them...though he split 'em up. I figure together, they're nasty tank-smashers, though maybe I'll have to re-think my whole stance about relying on Chimeras for Heavy Flamers, since dead chimeras don't torch much. Or, get the infantry-gibbing from somewhere else.

Psyker Battle Squad
Damn if they aren't annoying. Weaken Resolve...doesn't do much against a Mech army. Surprise, surprise. The Blast Template....pain in the ass. He hid them on turn one, and got about two or three good Soulstorms off. S9, BS3, APd6 large blast shots are kind of frightening, even on vehicles, and they accounted for some Wraithguards and some wounds off the Avatar on some high-AP shots.

I think that a squad of 9 in a chimera is a solid build-out. Granted, Perils tests can totaly screw them, but that's not something to rely on. They managed to get 2-3 shots off even with Runes of Warding up...5, 2, 2,. Two turns in a row. HIGHLY ANNOYING, but then his luck turned and by the time I blew 'em out of the Chimera, there was an Overseer and a Battle Squad. They actually got closed to getting the tie; pulled folks off the objective with an assault, but they managed to consolidate back onto it.

Guard can get some nasty precise outflanks with the Valkyries.

Normally, I'm not much of a believer in outflanking. There's a 66% chance you'll come in on the side you want, and the enemy has to be on the right side to be effective. However, Valks and Astropaths can negate some of this. First, the fething Valks are Fast Skimmers. That there is a pretty decent range; they can break out a 12" move and normally kick out troops, or up to 24" and shove troops out the back.

Astropaths, though...+1 to reserves, and re-rolls on outflanking, so suddenly it's a 76% chance of getting in on the right side in a hurry. This works out a little better with the Valk since it's on a bloody 5" tall stand. Now, you can do some cool stuff to the base (Check out Jon's blog at The Valk will get there sooner or later.)

Beyond that, the dice had a crap-ton to do with it, but sometimes them's the breaks. I was just on the right side of it this time around.

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