Friday, April 24, 2009

Victory at last!

Finally pulled out a win with the mech-dar, though it was due in part to terrain placement and enemy deployment.

Faseer (Bike, Runes of Warding, Doom, Fortune)
6-man Seer Council (4x Destructor, Enhance, Schmuck-lock)
3x 8-man DA squads w/ Bladestorm, twin shuriken catapult
3x Bright Lance/Shuriken Cannon Wave Serpents
2x 5 Fire Dragons
2x Falcons w/ Eldar Missile Launchers
Fire Prism w/ Shuriken Cannon

Mech Orks
Warboss (PK, the usual, and combi-skorcha?)
Big Mek (KFF, Burna)
2x 19-man Slugga Mobs
2x 12 Trukk Slugga Mobs
3x Lootas
2x Battlewagons
19 Grots (Wall of Grots)
30-man Shoota Boy Mob w/ PK Nob, 3x Rokkits
Scenario: Dawn of War
Objective: Annihilation
Final Score: 4-1, Eldar

Turn 1
Largely uneventful. He deploys his Grots centrally; I deploy my Seer Council in central cover. He comes in, and makes his one error: Wagons and Trukks over in the far left corner.
I go second. First thing I do? Flub the Fortune roll for the Seer council. They rabbit into cover, and I grav-tank castle up.

Please forgive the shoddy paint thing; I forgot the camera but want to add visual aids. Note that the big figure-eight blob in the lower right is actually fairly large; it's rocky terrain that is see-through in the middle. The square gubbins are buildings, all with some holes in the front and a second story suitable for sniping.

G = Grots
L = Lootas
B = Battle Wagon
SB = Shoota Boyz
W = Wave Serpent
F = Falcon
P = Fire Prism
SC = Seer Council

End of Turn 1:

Ork Turn 2
Trukks advance. Lootas in the middle and far side open up. Trukks and Battlewagon advance.
Damage results: the falcon that covered the Seer council breathes a sigh of relief as Ork shooting is ineffectual. The Seer Council breathes a sigh of relief as the Falcon blocks them, AND doesn't die. He stuns one Wave Serpent.

Eldar Turn 2
Two wave serpents move up and unload Dire Avengers into Bladestorm position. Seer Council passed its fortune test, AND managed to be in range to doom the Shoota Boys. The Shoota Boys die to the Nob, despite the falcons moving up and adding in gunfire. Prism fire claims a single Loota off the far right squad. I have to do some fancy, cramped maneuvering in that little area, but it keeps most of my people safe. I have to kick my Dire Avengers out, then move the Serpents, then move the avengers into position, but it paid off by killing the Mob. Well, it didn't get the Nob; the Nob bosspoled himself to death trying to pass his lead check.

Score: Orks 0, Eldar 1

Ork Turn 3
The far left lootas managed to KO a Wave Serpent. Lootas on far right...blow away all of 3 Dire Avengers in one squad. They pass the resulting morale check. Trukks advance.
Sadly, he pops the wave serpent that still has people in it. Those Avengers fall out and promptly fail their pinning check.
Eldar Turn 3
A Bright Lance splats a trukk, which promptly careens 12 inches back. One squad of avengers reboard. Around turn 4-5, I stun up one Battlewagon and blast the other trukk, and he can never quite get his army to bear.
Game Summary:
From here, you can pretty much see how it goes. He spends the bulk of the rest of the game maneuvering after I crater his Lootas on the right flank. He will get a couple more Loota volleys off before the game ends on turn 5.
Final Score:
Eldar 4 (2 Trukks, Lootas, Shoota Boy mob)
Orks 1 (that wave serpent)
I immobilize one battlewagon, and he manages to knock the Prism Cannon off the Fire Prism.
Overall, it's a bit of me getting the right amount of aggression, his deployment error, and the terrain giving me the ability to deny shots.
There were NO assaults in the game. It lasted all of about 2 hours, including table setup.
As to why the terrain was so wonky? We placed the terrain, then rolled 2d6+scatter to see where it went. It's a refreshing break from the 'dice off, then try to screw each other' approach.
I feel I'm getting the hang of the army a bit more. I'm still waffling over 8 DA w/ Bladestorm Exarch vs 10 DA, but I think the Autarch is definitely a 'bring only in 2000' guy at this point.
It also hurt my opponent that he deployed the transports last; putting them over in the far left corner meant I more or less ran to the opposite end; if I can avoid his assaults, deny him some shooting and fight him piecemal I win.
I somehow suspect he's going to do his best to make the week after next nasty, since I'm stuck going out of town that Friday for a wedding. Yay. 'nother story, that.
What's Next?
Fighting new Guard this Tuesday.


jabberjabber said...

Congratulations on the win; I'm impressed that there were no close combats - that must be an unusual occurance in 40k!

Raptor1313 said...

Thanks. It was nice, considering the past several games were pretty much some solid beatings to my forehead.

I would've considered more agression, and it felt weird to watch the Seer Council run. Then again, running them at an army of Orks is a great way to hand over 2KP, since they'd have to worry about closing. Given another couple of turns they probably could've nuked a Loota Squad.

My buddy and I hadn't noticed the lack of assaults 'til the end of the game. It WAS truly bizarre...