Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mech Eldar Bloopers

Pain and suffering ensued today.

The one real result today was 'remember you have a 6" move in the assault phase.' I got greedy, got close, popped off shuriken catapult shots with them in turn one (due to Dawn of War) and then....forgot to back out of the way.

Long story short? Seer Council gets stuck in on turn one, doesn't get away, and ends up getting hit in assault by a Daemon Prince and a second 13-man Khorne Tac.

After that, it was just downhill as I'd gone in to support the Seer Council. Had they not been immobilized early on, I'd've used my mobility advantage (like I OUGHT to). I was successful in neutralizaing Havoc fire for a couple turns, and did manage to KO some of the Oblits. Had the Seer Council lived, I probably could've given a better accounting of myself.

Other highlights include:
-5 Fire Dragons hit/wound the Daemon Prince four times...and he makes three 5+ saves.
-Xardian misses 5 lascannon shots in a single turn
-I throw a Falcon at the sole survivor of the Seer Council's brawl...2 pulse laser shots, a plasma missile, and 2 shuriken catapult shots later? HE SURVIVES. Thus, Xardian's one lascannon marine (who missed 4/5 shots) had company in suck-ville, in his own words.

My dice just seem to have been hellaciously swinging low or high in the last couple nights. It's fairly impressive.

Overall, the lesson:
1) PAY ATTENTION to what your units can do
2) Do NOT get the Seer COuncil stuck in unless it's on MY terms.

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