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Mech Eldar w/ Seer Council Updated

It would technically be v1.something, but it's been a few months since I've touched the Seer Council, so yeah.

1850 Mech Seer Council List
Farseer w/ Bike, Runes of Warding, Fortune, Doom, Spirit Stones [175]

Warlock Unit [420]
8x 'locks on bikes
4x Destructor
1x Enhance
1x Embolden

5 Fire Dragons [80]
Wave Serpent w/ TL Lance, Shuriken Cannon [145]

5 Fire Dragons [80]
Wave Serpent w/ TL Lance, Shuriken Cannon [145]

5 Dire Avengers [60]

5 Dire Avengers [60]

10 Storm Guardians w/ 2x Flamers [92]
Wave Serpent w/ TL Lance, Shuriken Cannon [145]

Heavy Support
Fire Prism w/ Shuriken Cannon [125]

Falcon w/ Holofields, Shuriken Cannon, Scatter Laser [175]

Falcon w/ Holofields, Shuriken Cannon, Scatter Laser [175]

Total: 1847/1850

With the three points remaining, I'm tempted to put a Singing Spear into the hands of one of the schmuck-locks, just to give me more distinct units. Or, hand it to a Destructor-lock. Cheers for wound allocation shenanigans, right? Right.

The only element I'm not certain about is the Storm Guardian unit. I feel like the flamers might be overkill, or they might just be backup. I feel like I've got a decent torrent of fire and the anti-tank covered with lances; at this point I figured I'd just get more troops. The Storm Guardians aren't bad, as they've a distinct use.

On the field, it's a half-dozen nasty, durable grav tanks and the Seer Council.

I'm reminded of the burden set on the Seer Council; they have to do a lot of the work. Even more ironic is that in this test game, one Fire Dragon serpent got KO'ed, and the other ended up stunned for about 3 turns straight (, talk about long odds) so the Seer Council shanked itself a Russ and sentinel squad, after notching itself two large guardsmen squads.

The short version is that in a Dawn of War match, the other guy fielded...
2x Large Melee Guard Squads (30 men w/ 3x meltagun, 3x power weapons, commissar) though one traded the meltaguns for autocannons. 'toon command with them, of course.
Command Squad w/ Straken
Priest in the meltagun squad
2x Russ w/ Lascannon, HB sponsons
2x Hellhound w/ hull MM, smoke launchers
3-sentinel squad w/ autocannons.

End of the game, what was left?
1 Immobilized Hellhound
1 Hellhouned Hull (needed one more damage result to KILL it)
1 Immobilized Demolisher
Straken and a meltagun in his squad

1/2 the Seer Council
Storm Guardians in immobilized serpent
DAs in a Falcon
Fire Dragons and their Serpent

In part, he got a bit too aggressive with one of the melee squads and ended up only committing half the forces, so...the Seer Council BBQed it down to the power weapons on the first turn, and then moved to assault it without moving through cover.

I also managed to draw off the Demolisher towards the Prism and a Falcon.

Also, 1's did a LOT of damage to the forces. 1's in Dangerous Terrain effected:
1 immobilized Hellhound early one
1 immobilized Demolisher late game
1 DEAD Falcon (flat out + limiting my own movement options + 1 = Dire Avengers out of a wreck, in front of Straken. Guess how that rolled?)

Also, multi-assaults against armor with Witchblades is soooo fun. For me. One assault phase saw off two sentinels (only shot one to death previously) and a Russ.

It also reminds me of the problems with a Seer Council; if it folds you're screwed. It's just a lot of points and a lot of eggs in a basket. At least it was an excuse for me to strip them and re-do the symbols; I think my GS skills are getting better, and using tools helps.

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