Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eldar Update, More Testing

I've made some changes to my Eldar lineup, and gotten a couple rounds in. The 1850 list was as follows:

1850 Mech Test
Eldrad [210]

6 Fire Dragons; one is Exarch w/ DB Flamer and Crack Shot [113]
Wave Serpent w/ TL Lance, Shuriken Cannon [145]

6 Fire Dragons; one is Exarch w/ DB Flamer and Crack Shot [113]
Wave Serpent w/ TL Lance, Shuriken Cannon [145]

8 Howling Banshees; one is Exarch w/ Executioner, War Shout, Acrobatic [160]
Wave Serpent w/ TL Lance, Shuriken Cannon [145]

5 Dire Avengers [60]

5 Dire Avengers [60]

7 Guardian Jetbikes, 2 Shuriken Cannons, 1 Warlock on Bike w/ Embolden [224]

Heavy Support
Falcon w/ Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo-Fields [175]

Falcon w/ Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo-Fields [175]

Fire Prism w/ Shuriken Cannon [125]

1850 Total

Thoughts on the List and units
On the Fire Dragons
I'm sold on the twin-linked heavy flamers in the Fire Dragon squad. It gives them some duality, even if the heavy flamer is a bit to get in there. Crack Shot helps further by alleviating the need to Doom the unit, though Doom helps if there's going to be more fire directed at the unit.

On the Banshees
Well, one game, they kind of got their transport blown up on turn one, so...yeah. They managed to hide for the duration of the game. There's certainly some challenge associated with fielding Banshees and getting them into assault. Once in assault, they need doom, but I'm beginning to still see the utility of having some melee in there. However, they're a bit pricey to use, so...yeah.

I like having some melee support, but I'm not sure Banshees will fit the bill.

On the Guardian Jetbikes
Well, there was that one time that on turn one, I decided to get them into cover from Guard Battlecannons, and they rolled three '1s' and promptly failed the resulting morale test, and ran off the board in Dawn of War. Truthfully, I should've played it a bit different (and maybe even reserved those things, since I'm not sure I would've missed the two Shuriken Cannons for a couple turns...).

I do like that they can't be nailed down, but there's certainly an art to using them. Mostly some intelligence in placement.

Melee Solutions
Well, it's Eldar, so I have one of four options for a real assault unit:
1) Banshees
2) Scorpions
3) Harlequins
4) Seer Council

I categorically refuse to run a foot-based Seer Council, and I'd tweak a Seer-Council based build if I wanted them.

The outright substitute would be some flamer-toting Storm Guardians, but that's a suicide unit that's really only good for nuking light infantry with Doom support. Otherwise, it's Fire Dragons, which also tend to be single-use.

I'd rather have power weapon wounds, so Scorps are out.

If I DID get Scorps, I could get their Exarch w/ Biting Blade, Claw, and then 7 other guys. I fail to be convinced I really want this over the Banshees.

That leaves Harlequins as my substitute. Thing is, they can't take a Designated Transport. Well, that's not a major problem; I can get a Wave Serpent off a Dire Avenger squad, and the Harlies can borrow out. So, what can I get for 160 in Harlies? Or thereabouts.

I can get a Troupe Master and 5 Harlies with Kisses for 148. They pretty much require Doom support, and there's always the issue of the potential need for Fortune, plus the unit's not really that durable.

For the record, the 10 Storm Guardians with double-flamers would be 92. It would open up points, but...yeah. I dunno. It's MUCH less durable support, and no melee ability to speak of. I mean, ok, they have lots of attacks, but no real lethality.

Thoughts from Eldar regulars?


The_King_Elessar said...

IF you go with Stormies, then you can take a Vyper with either SCanx2 or SLas.
Gives 8 threats, instead of 7, adds anti-Infantry power, and anti-light tank. It's technically more anti-infantry than the Banshees provide.

That said, with Eldrad around, I don't know if dropping the Banshees is necessary. 3 Games more to rule them out of your plans - that's my philosophy.

Dverning said...

I also follow a 4-games to decide policy.

For my part, I love my Banshees. They're a trick to get there, but solid when they do.

I do love Fire Storm Serpents, especially with a Destructor Warlock thrown in there. But I consider them cheap replacements for Dire Avengers, not Banshees. (Of course, you could try dropping to 1 DAVU Falcon and swap in a squad of Fire Storms. You'd have change enough to get another Prism too...)

Also, I'm finding my Jetbikes falling into one of a few patterns (forgive me if I've already mentioned this...):
1. 3-man w Shuri-Cannon. Goes in Reserves and only comes out to play when it's a bit safer.
2. 6-man w 2 Cannons. Taken as a core Troops, usually when I'm going Saim Hann and have a couple units and/or Jetlocks around to draw fire off them.
3. "Poor Man Jetlocks", 9+ w Cannons, a Conceal Warlock, and attached FortuneSeer. Good for small points games where you can't afford Jetlocks or other big ticket targets.

I recommend trying #1 with the force you have...

Raptor1313 said...

I think the Banshees'll have a few more games to try 'em out, ideally against different enemies. I mean, they helped KO a 30-man CC Guard squad (...that admittedly ate a Heavy Flamer and Fire Prism hit in the same turn), then KO'd the nearby command squads. In that game, they were totally worth it, but it's also just murdering Guard, which is no major accomplishment in CC.

I'd probably roll the 2x Shuricannon, but it's a thought. It also draws some enemy anti-tank fire, if nothing else.

I can see cutting down to a couple reserved 3-man squads. They're not durable, but they're also not a major target for the enemy. "Ooh, ahh, it has a 24" Multi-laser at BS3!" I mean, I know I totally shoot Chimeras to stop that laser...But yeah. It's a thought I hadn't really considered, but it might be worth it.

In general, I think I might bite the bullet and end up investing in more bikes. (Well, to be more accurate, they'd be converted Cold One riders, because those look cooler and are much cheaper than regular bikes. Win-win, right?)

I never really thought I'd like those Banshees, but when you get down to it, they need a little LESS support than Harlies. Harlies really need the Doom to get the Rends in, and really benefit from Fortune as well, with their somewhat-more-piddly 5++ save.

I suspect I'll be testing the Eldar a bit more in the future, since my Tau are on hold 'til I acquire another carrying case, which is in turn on hold 'til the cashflow is two-way again.

The_King_Elessar said...

I know that feeling...I have 3 Army Cases of Orks, 2 Army Cases of Eldar, a small case of Eldar, one small case of CSM, a half Army Case of CSM, and approx 8k of models assembled scattered with nowhere to go.

Oh, and about 5/6k of unassembled models.

And a Space Hulk.


Raptor1313 said...

I think my storage solution is going to be a bunch of trays, and one of those rolling boxes.