Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Deathwing Update 2, Marathon

The Deathwing cometh (along). I finally got some of the Green Stuff in. I'm talking the 'bulk-rate' green stuff, where it's like $12.99 for an inch wide, four inch tall cylinder. That's why these bases are texture with the stuff.

I'm also using the Deathwing project as an excuse to use some good ol' Pig Iron heads. I'm sorry, they do sweet work. Those are the visor-down heavy armor helmets. Sweet, yes? Yes.

The next step will be doing some green stuff. The guys have cardboard superglued to their crotches as a guide for tabards. I suspect that one way or the other, I'll have learned a lot about Green Stuff by the time this is over.

Admittedly, I've been working a bit slower. I...kind of found Marathon (that will run on my PC. Huzzah). Yeah, it's the old-school mid-90's Bungie shooter. This came out the same time as Doom, and...honestly? Kicks the crap out of doom. There is an actual plot other than "DEMONS BAD! SHOTGUN GOOD!" Admittedly, I enjoy Doom and Doom 2 for mindless fun, but Marathon's got a bit more challenge to it.

I'm not sure how to relate it to 40k, other than you're basically playing a Space Marine (minus power armor, plus ancient tech, minus the bolter). However, the W'rkncacnter sound a whole lot like the C'tan, 'cept the C'tan EAT stars and the W'rkncacnter are imprisoned in them. Plus, the eldar god/gods that are the W'rkcacnter kind of CREATE chaos and/or destruction.

However, the Pfhor are a bit more melee-oriented. I'm not sure how they'd be best represented, though the Melee Guard with Commissars could work out. Red pfhor for the basic guard, purple for the sarges, and the Enforcer for the Commissar? (since said Pfhor carry whompin' sticks, and the Enforcer kind of keeps his buddies in line with a gun sometimes).

Productivity will likely pick back up, but 'til then the aliens need a little cyborg-assisted death. Flamethrowers in a space ship = first (and last) contact. I suppose I could equate the game with Space Hulk, and I am a squad of Terminators in a can.


Itkovian said...

Looking good so far. Are these recycled from a previous army or ebay goodies? It will be hard to know how good they look until you get some primer on them.

The PI heads do look very interesting on them. From the looks of it, you're bulking out the cowls and bringing them forward?

Raptor1313 said...

Pretty much recycled. I went through a phase where I picked up the Deathwing and toyed with them, then put them back down.

Funny thing is, after this batch of 21? I've still got another 15 or so. That I'm not touching.