Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tyranid Brainstorm: Air Mail or Ground? BOTH!

I apologize for slow responses on the previous thread, though I'd had some ideas percolating. Here's a thought for some aggressive buggy goodnes that's a departure from my usual sit 'n' shoot list. I mean, I haven't played Tau in months but I'm playing my bugs a lot LIKE the Tau, and that kinda defeats the purpose...

So, here we go:

Hive Tyrant [255]
Wings, Hive Commander, 2x Scything Talons
Paroxysm, Leech Essence

Hive Tyrant [255]
Wings, Hive Commander, 2x Scything Talons
Paroxysm, Leech Essence

2 Hive Guard [100]

2 Hive Guard [100]

2 Hive Guard [100]

11 Termagants [55]

10 Termagants [50]

5 Warriors [265]
Whips/Swords, Toxin Sacks, 4x Devourers, Venom Cannon

Fast Attack
5 Shrikes [290]
Whips/Swords, Toxin Sacks, 4x Devourers, Venom Cannon

16 Gargoyles [18]
Toxin Sacks, Adrenal Glands

Heavy Support
Trygon [200]

Trygon [200]

Total: 1998/2000

Thoughts Behind the List
This originally started out as a Flying Circus of Insanity, and in lieu of Trygons I'd fielded another brood of Shrikes, and taken Old Adversary on the Tyrants instead.

The idea is that gargs screen shrikes screen tyrants, and then a trygon or two pops up on turn 2. Backfield synapse comes from the Warriors (who are still capable of taking out anything short of a Dreadnought or heaps of S8+ abuse), while Termagants provide objective support and the hive guard, well, do what hive guard do: feed things S8 shots and don't care about cover.

Thoughts? Am I better off going with double shrikes instead? Double shrikes feels more focused, and there IS the issue of keeping all that stuff alive against a shooty army. I do worry that I might be diluting my theme a little.

Feedback/thoughts are, as ever, welcome and appreciated.


Chumbalaya said...

I think you could get Raveners for cheaper, field multiple units, and use the Tyrants as Synapse.

Troops seem a bit slim too, Tervigons would be good for outflanking.

Honestly, I'm way out of my element with non-shooty bugs.

Raptor1313 said...

Me too.

That's half the fun, one supposes.

I'm not sure where I'd get Tervigons, though.

I do like the idea of Raveners. I'd be tempted to run them on foot behind a screen of omething (likely gargs). I have a hunch that I AM trying to do too much with both the flying circus AND the trygons.

Chumbalaya said...

I don't know where you could grab Tervigons from without losing something good.

Raveners popping out from behind the garg screen would be sweet though. I guess just fill out your Troops with cheap Warriors (3 w/ claws, spitters, VC) and call it good.

I think I'll try and test this.

AbusePuppy said...

I wouldn't run both Shrikes and Warriors, seems redundant. Also, your Shrikes have an illegal loadout- their weapon options are not the same as Warriors are.

More Gargoyles for screening, drop the upgrades. At 2K points, sixteen T3 bodies are not going to last long.

You really need scoring units. Two squads of 'Gants are going to get blow apart the moment they hit the field and then you're playing for the draw.

Overall, the list seems really schizophrenic about what it wants to do. It's got the reserve game going, but Hive Guard won't be in range to shoot anything on arrival. You need Zoanthropes or Tyrannofexes (for DS or range, respectively) for your AT needs. I honestly don't really know what to do with this except maybe rebuild it from scratch. I like the concept, but it's just all over the place.

So 2x Tyrant (510), 4x Zoanthropes in Pods (320), 20x Devilgaunts in Pod (240), 5x Warriors in Pod (as shown, 305), 5x Warriors in Pod (same, 305), 20x Gargoyles (120), 1x Trygon (200), 5x Shrikes (LW/BS, Toxin; 290)

That's 2090 points, so you'd have to cut down on something; maybe lose a Shrike and some Gargoyles? I'm not really sure about the Gargs, perhaps Raveners would serve better there. You could also run the Shrikes as just RC/Dev/Toxin or RC/Dev/Adrenal and let the Warriors do the big jobs. I don't think the list is competitive, but it would run reasonably well and makes anyone who spams Land Raiders pretty unhappy.

AbusePuppy said...


Whups, way over there, forgot to add in the Trygon. So yeah, dump the Shrikes entirely, possibly trade the Gargs for Raveners with RC? Adding Venom Cannons or Cluster Spines to the pods would be nice, but it's doing okay as-is. I might also keep the LW/BS+ST on the Tyrants, depending on how your group rules the Tyranid CC weapons issue. Striking ahead of everyone and having pseudo-grenades is worth losing half of your rerolls (more against vehicles, obv).

Raptor1313 said...

I was worried about the schizo feel, admittedly. I think I could go flying circus OR Trygons, but I think I agree that going BOTH is probably trying to do too much.

I keep forgetting about Raveners in fast attack, but they'll compliment trygons nicely. I just have to GET them...but Trygons give me an anti-armor capability while the Raveners are speed: there.

I think that's mybiggest worry about 'nid reserves; a Marine list can drop a unit that can threaten both armor and infantry, and choose it. 'nids units are a little ore mono-tasked, and it seems like there's a fine chance for you to get the wrong stuff at the wrong time.

I'll have to contemplate this deep-striking thing further.

Damon said...

I don't think either the Trygons or the Troops work well with your list. Not if you are deploying most of the army on the table, anyway.

You've got enough assault in the form of double tyrants, ubergoyles, and shrikes. Take harpies instead of the trygons for shooting. They're also credible assault threats when combined with something else, AND they theme well with the list AND can keep up with your other elements.

Of course, you only have 3 fast attack slots. LOL Which is why my own flying wing list (comments from last week) uses tyrannofexes to support shooting.

Either way, you need at least a modest boost to your troops. I'd be tempted to drop shrikes, add in two harpies, take two Warriors for backfield Troops plus one other gribbly unit for outflanking, and then with any points left over boost your shooting somewhere.

On the other hand, if you're going all reserves, then all the hive guard have to go. Replace with 2x zoeys in spores instead. The hive guard simply do not work in a reserves list unless you have tervigons with onslaught to help get them downfield into the action right quick.