Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tyrannofex WIP 2

Busy week, but I found time for some modeling. I've also committed to the HAAWGS painting initiative, and the Tyrannofex is on the menu. I also picked up the remaining Carnifex kits I need for the Tervigons and Carnifexes. Anyway, the Rupture Cannon is a two-stage weapon, so I went about cobbling together an over-and-under weapon out of Carnifex weaponry.

Here, you see the ingredients, step one, and the end result: you will need the Stranglethorn Cannon, and the MC Deathspitters. Not like anyone would USE those, right? Right. Cut the cannon part off the Stranglethorn, and trim the lower feed tube and the top of the barrel. You want the part you chop off the gun to look like the part that comes from the sprue. (This would make more sense if you look at the MC gun sprue)
Next, you cut the bottom of the deathspitter off, file it flat, line them up and glue them together.
Once the double-deathspitter dries, we add the stranglethorn bits one after the other.
Glue to the arm again, add green stuff, and bam. Done.
At this point, all I have left to do is add the head, pose, and assemble them. Then, there's figuring out what to do for the other arm. I'm leaning towards making it a supporting arm, and just running the ammo tube alongside it.

Also, for the head, I'm going with the bioplasma head. Rather than building a thorax weapon, I think I'm going to just call it a breath weapon.

Pending Tyranid Projects
In other tyranid news, assembling termagants and hormagaunts is time-consuming, but that's not a huge surprise. The next conversions will be Warriors into Hive Guard, and then Carnifex kits into Tervigons. Eventually, I'll do something for mycetic spores, if/when I decide I want them. I'll be magnetizing a Hive Tyrant as well, and likely his Hive Guard so I can swap between shooty walking tyrant, winged melee wrecking ball (Hey, let's give Preferred enemy to 50 gargoyles. It'll be fun!) and the Swarmlord (, y'know, I can crank out a stupid number of instant-death power weapon attacks on the charge. It will be win. You will see.)

Other Projects
The Green Templar are almost done as an army. I have five initiates to finish basing (which is to say a paint, a wash, and a paint) and five to add colors to. Then, there'll be a family shot. Then, well, it'll be on to painting the bugs.

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Nice gun presentation of rupture cannon. Nice.