Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Humor and WiP

This is a slight crop, so pardon the quality. However, I had to share what happened when I was trying to remove the arms. I put the toothbrush in there, applied a little lever action to remove his other arm, heard a snap...I worried about the model, and realized my toothbrush was too short. Oh, well. I mean, we've all broken things and hurt ourselves doing modelling stuff, but this was just too funny. And yes, this is the pose it happened in.
Here's a WIP shot of my paint scheme. The fleshy bits are generally done, and the carapaces are in progress. The detailed bits will be in green (IE: tyrannofex tongue, maybe claws here and there). The weapons will be the squad markers, since you can apparently get away with making the bioweapons somewhat different than the rest of them.

Finally, I started on the first hive tyrant. Nothing fancy; just magnetized arms and the good ol' dragon wings. It needs a little green stuff work, and I think I'm going to go with an urban theme for the bases to match the scheme.

Coming Up in Modeling
15 Gargs completed and to be painted this month.
6-9 Hive Guard to be converted/painted from warriors.

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Thoughts on the Parastie of Mortrex
Brainstorms on HQs


Faolain said...

Kudos for putting the wings in the upper arm socket. It always bugs me when people just glue it on the carapace. I also like the idea of putting the talons on the wings, that solves a lot of modeling problems.

Raptor1313 said...

My thing with the wings is that 'nids were supposed to have six limbs as a theme. Slapping them on the carapace violates that.

Also, for the talons...well, honestly, the thing's probably NOT going to take a swipe with those while flying. I mean, it's an arm, why not slap a talon on it and have the arm fold up.

Plus, it makes it easier to magnetize everything and still be able to simply slap other sets of arms on the thing.