Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tyrannofex Conversion, Complete

And lo, I have completed my Tyrannofex conversion from a carnifex kit. I strayed only a little, and that involved using Genestealer scything talons (...because who runs those on stealers?) and a couple random carapace plates. Anyway, here we go.
Imposing? I like to think so. Rupture Cannon, cluster spines, and in lieu of building a generally-unnoticeable torso swarm, I decided I'd let the bio-plasma head represent the thorax swarm. I mean, come on, it's close enough to a breath weapon, right? Besides, I like the mental image of the tyrannofex yawning wide and vomiting forth a wave of bugs.
Who says you have to have a feeding tub attached to the gun? It always seemed a little odd to have the gun STUCK like that. So, I gave him a hand. A big one. So it can ozzie osbourne someone in melee. I mean, come on, big mouth, hand, human-sized things about to scale. You get the idea.

Just for sake of completeness, a shot from behind. I have since added some of the thornback bits to cover that ugly seam on the back.

And, from the other side. If you see a little bit of green on the forward legs, it'sbecause I cut and re-aligned the shoulder a little bit. My second Tyrannofex has come along much faster, and were you to use this process I would highly suggest fixing the gun up first, and then making sure that the crushing claw limb conversions can be properly posed.
Now, please forgive the flash, but the picture came out well enough. This is one of the monstrous-creature sized scything talons. Chop the talon off at the wrist. Then, based on the gun's pose, I cut the elbow joint (and removed the pointy elbow bit, since it would get in the way) and put a teeny bit of sprue in there just to brace it. It was later green-stuffed, and if you look close at the crab-limb conversions you can see where I did the chopping and rotating.

The scything talon lost the 'thumb', and I eyeballed the cut on the talon itself after gluing the upper limb into place. I actually glued the tip of the talon to the rupture cannon, and after that set the genestealer talons got glued on.

I have a little GS stuff to do here and there, and may yet bulk up the gun-bracing forelimb just so it doesn't look blatantly like a cut-up scything talon, but the conversion is about 95% complete.

For the previous steps, see:

All things considered, this was not a terribly difficult conversion. As some have remarked, GSing organic stuff is a whole lot more forgiving than mechanical crap. All you need to pull it off is some water, patience, and my preference? Dental hygiene tools, and you can get those in the pharmacy/personal care section of your grocery store.


Chumbalaya said...


Faolain said...

I really do like those big fore-claws.

eldaraddict said...

Great looking tyrannofex. I love the cannon and the left support hand. Great work.

John Laubersheimer said...

Oh snap! That looks great, man.

May have to steel that idea one day.

Steelmage99 said...

While your work seems good I can't really tell.
Because you choose to use your ugly-ass, ratty, tatty, cluttered workspace as a backdrop for your model.
How hard is it to take a single sheet of white paper and put it behind your model?

Anonymous said...

I will admit that it is a great model my friend and i congratulate you on doing something i could never achieve. But alas i am a devout tyranid player and quite enjoy sticking to what the fluff says as this is THE tyranid Background info, and in the fluff it says that the Tyrannofex's main weapon is fused with it's torso. Just a thought, take it as contructive criticism :)
But otherwise great job