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Batrep - Black Templars vs. Chaos Undecided

My comrade and I opted to go up to 2,000 points.  We knocked out the game prior to the release of the Codex: Space Marines, though agreed to use Black Templar Chapter Tactics.  Both of us realized those are kinda sick for deep-striking assault troops*, since 9 on a 2d6 with a re-roll is about a 50/50 shot.

Chaos Undecided
Battalion Detachment
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut - Warlord
Hellbrute w/ Reaper Autocannon, Flail
15 Poxwalkers
15 Poxwalkers
12 Cultists w/ Heavy Stubber
12 Cultists w/ Heavy Stubber
Foetid Bloat Drone
Foetid Bloat Drone
10 Hounds of Khorne
Maulerfiend w/ Lasher Tendrils
Superheavy Detachment
Traitor Knight w/ chainsword, thermal cannon, stubber, icarus cannon

Black Templar Battalion Detachment
Chaplain Grimaldus - Warlord
Emperor's Champion
5 Assault Terminators
6 Terminators w/ Assault Cannon
Sternguard squad
Cenobite Servitors
Crusader Squad - 5 men w/ plasma gun, plasma cannon
-Razorback w/ Twin Lascannon
Crusader Squad in a pod (9 guys, meltagun, fist, sword)
Crusader Squad in a pod (9 guys, meltagun, fist, sword)

The Scenario - Secure And Control (capture the flag)
Deployment - Search and Destroy (table quarters)

My Plan
So, I look at the army lists and realize I'm not going to first.  Second, I'm going to have a heap of deep-striking units to deal with.  Well, this is why I bring pox walkers and stuff - I'm going to need them to take up lots of space so I can try to dictate how he deep-strikes.  I know there's melta in his deep-striking squads, so I ensure that my big stuff (the greater demon and the knight) will be out of range on the first turn.  My hounds and herald go into the ruins close to the middle, while cultists and the Hellbrute hold my objective.  The hellbrute is placed so the Razorback can't see it, AND it denies my opponent an easy deep-striking zone, because if he can deep-strike there and land more than one unit I think I lose.

Deployment - Chaos Castles Up
 His objective is in the building in his table quarter - not that you can see it, but there's a five-man crusader squad with cenobites sitting on that objective.  His las-back is in ruins, and his sternguard are at the middle line.
BT turn 1 assault
 He opts to bring in just one squad on turn one - terminators in the middle, which promptly dig into my bubble wrap.  His las-back knocks some wounds off my Knight.
Chaos Turn 01 - Counter-Assault and Desultory Gunfire naturally, I'm going to go handle the problem.  His other stuff will come in when it comes in; I just need to start dealing with it now.  My Bloat Drones start pushing up to try to deny more deep-striking space.
Khorne Dogs vs Sternguard
 The Bloodthirster, Herald, Maulerfiend and Hounds burst out of cover and into his guys.  The Herald gets roughed up, and the Bloodthirster kills enough stuff to keep my Maulerfiend from attacking.
Templar Turn 2 - In Which More Terminators Arrive
 So his assault terminators arrive, and Grimaldus and Friends (TM) arrive as well.  Note that those Terminators are standing where a Bloat Drone used to be.
Grimaldus Charges in to Buff His Comrades - 2CP Later He's Dead
 He charges Grimaldus in - I spend CP to ensure that the Bloodthirster gets to swing.  As this happens before the Bloat Throne gets used like a pinata, this gets me both First Blood and Slay The Warlord, which is crucial.
Chaos Turn 02
 Alright, it's a furball now!
Knight vs. Terminators + terrible rolls
 The Knight decides that Terminators won't be that bad.  Turns out the knight can't roll dice for spit.
PLAY! PLAY!...and the combat goes on
 This combat is going to go on for quite some time....
Bloodthirster remains happy
 Bloodthirster controls the middle, poxwalkers work to slowly grind away at marines and terminators.
Turn 03 - Emperor's Champion Arrives
 His champion drops - and his terminators in the middle drop my Bloodthirster.  The Heralds has gone back into cover with the cultists, since he's sitting on about 3 wounds, and I want to deny him the VP.
Knight is SAD
 My opponent makes an inordinate number of saves, and the knight loses a chunk of wounds.
Middle Battle continues, minus Bloodthirster and friends
 The middle is one hell of a furball.
Chaos Turn 3 - Knight disengages, Puppy charges, Bloat Drones Pushes
 The Maulerfiend, having failed a charge earlier, decides to go handle the drop pod - it also eyes the razorback meaningfully.
Still at it in the middle
 Man that's a lot of zombies.  Some of them used to be space marines.
Templar Turn 04
 I kill his drop pod on his turn.  The Emperor's Champion heads off in search of cultists/herald, and his Crusader buddies head towards the middle.
2 wounds left - BUT ALIVE!
 The knight finally finishes combat, heavily damaged but technically alive.  It did about 21 wounds to that last guy.
Chaos Turn 4
 The Puppy slaps the razroback a little, and melee continues.  My bloat drone has, by this point, traded itself for the Crusader squad.  It got in, fired, and then ate an overcharged plasma volley that cost the plasma gunner his life before the fistfight started.  The plasma cannoneer smashes the drone, then dies in the explosion.  It's the stuff of legends, except I doubt the Cenobite servitors would actually tell the story.
BT Turn 05
 At this point it's getting close to winding down - time isn't on my side.  The combat in the middle continues, but the Crusader squad does a lot better at killing zombies than terminators due to volume vs. quality of attacks.
Wrapping up
I just need to hold one objective - at this point, the Knight is (somehow) still alive, and the Maulerfiend is in position to grab his objective, so even if I end up having to handle troops and possibly lose mine, I've got another one.
Emperor's Champion vs. Cultists
 The cultists actually thought they could beat the Emperor's Champion.  They DID knock off two wounds in shooting though.  And force a number of saves.
 You don't see the Maulerfiend in this picture because it's sitting on his objective.  At this point, the survivors are -
12 Cultists
Knight (2 wounds remaining)

Crusader Squad
Couple of Sternguard
Razorbacks - not so hot in melee

Maulerfriend on BT objective
Closing Thoughts
1) Bubble Wrap is your friend
Those two poxwalker squads were crazy useful - in large part because they managed to take up space.  Same goes for the cultists squads, to an extent - they're cheap, the fulfill my troops requirements, and can hold objectives in the backfield.

2) Black Templar Chapter Tactics
Deep striking assaulty troops are going to be money for these guys.  Having a 50/50 shot at making the charge off the bat is disgusting.  I think the real winners with this are going to be Terminators (either variety) and Assault Marines with jump packs.

Regular terminators are versatile - and god help you if they get into cover and you have to shift them.  Assault terminators love showing up nearby, though if you're going hammer-heavy you may want a Chaplain or something else to give you some re-rolls.

3) Knights - Mixed Feelings
Turns out that Thunder Hammer assault terminators are rough on knights, especially if he has some hot dice on the saves.  That being said, the thermal cannon was a bit underwhelming - then again, I didn't have great targets for it this game; the razorback managed to make saves and otherwise I killed a few terminators.

That being said, the ability to walk out of combat, shoot, and assault again make knights stupid mobile and productive.  Which frankly, they need to be, since that one was almost 500 points.

4) Khorne Dogs - kinda sad
I'm not super-impressed with them this time around - with the change to WS, they aren't as hard to hit in melee.  I do like the bonus attacks/strength on the charge, but they really need to hang out next to a herald to get the +1S after that.

More testing is needed, but I'm not as psyched about them as I was in 7th.  Then again, I was also fighting power armor marines with a decent volume of attacks.

5) Foetid Bloat Drones - Mainstays
They're mobile, hard to hit, and durable.  I'd have a hard time leaving home without these or Helldrakes for the mobility.

Up Next
I expect the release of the Chaos codex and the new SM book will shake things up a bit.  I like the versatility of Chaos Undecided, though I'm thinking about a Sorcerer on a Disc of Tzeentch - things like Warptime are silly, and the extra-heretical part of me really, really wishes I could use Warptime on a Bloodthirster - but I'll have to settle for using it on a Hellbrute or Maulerfriend.

*I'm assuming we did the deep-strike reserves correctly - if deploying a squad in a transport counts as placing one unit on the field, I'm assuming it's the same for reserves, and that's how we agreed to play it.  I should probably RTFM or something to be sure, but it seemed logical at the time.

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