Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Review

In review? This time, it's this blog.

I'm using the new year as an excuse to ask you, the reader, what you come to this blog for, what you'd like to see more of, and what you'd like to see less of. I'm doing this in part because this blog is a hobby of mine and I'd like it to be helpful to readers. (the other part is that I've caught The Crap and it's snowing, so I've got some spare time.)

So, on that note:
Layout of the blog, good, Y/N?
Bat-reps, good, Y/N?
Unit Analysis, good, Y/N?
Larger army-type analysis, good, Y/N?
Anything I'm missing here that you'd like to see, Y/N?

I'll tell you some things I won't really get into, though.

This blog will never be a hot one for painting tips. I might show off my work (such as it is) but honestly, there are better places to go for painting advice.

I will probably not do much on modding stuff, honestly. There are better places for a how-to, but I'll show off anything that looks neat to me that I've pulled off.

Anyway, comments, questions, feedback. Please.


Mark said...

Hey There,

So I just found your blog here and I really like what I see. I play Daemons, Tau, Necrons, and have recently started some eldar. So I see I have lots of reading to do in your tacticas. I myself am more of a tactician than a painter and will enjoy reading your writings.

zealot said...

You're tactical commentary and list-building is better than most by far, so keep that up.

I don't care for the blue/grey layout on your page though.

My 2 cents

Alex said...

Layout of the blog, good?

- Too monotonous imo. Would be cool with some more colors or a nice dark 40k-like pattern in the background. gotta look out for the main stuff still being readable though, thats most important.

Bat-reps, good?

- more details would be nice, but batreps are one of the reasons why i come here so they are ok as are, i guess.

Unit Analysis, good?

- very good. the only criticism would be that i would like you to bring more of your opinion in.

Larger army-type analysis, good?

- same as above.

Anything I'm missing here that you'd like to see?

- moar tau!!! :P especially batreps

Mercer said...

I'm not keen on the colour scheme, looks blant and boring. Some pictures on posts wouldn help. It just looks too dull at the moment.

I would put your labels above other peoples blogs as well. You want to promote your site content first, not others! Also thats a huge list of blogs, perhaps condense it? One blog is also missing, - I've had yours on my blog list for some time! ;)

suneokun said...

Your blog colour of white on blue isn't the easiest to read. Your writing style is strong and I generally read your articles - mainly from experince I know they're strong so I percivere.

I'd recommend more diagrams/photo's/pictures to brighten your blog up = very wordy. I'd also recommend a brief 'intro' to each piece ... as you tend to dive straight in without 'tempting' us first.

Keep it up - its a great piece of work.

haihastur said...

- Layout of the blog ?

blog is neat, clean, easy to read and to explore. I'm not a big fan of eye candy, what matters is the quality of your articles, not the show-off.

despite what stelek said, I still think white on black/dark blue is easier to read (the best is still the ol' black-on-white scheme). his site layout is crap anyway :p

- Bat-reps ?

not much details but on the other hand it helps staying focused on what's important. more detailed reports are often a pain to read because you're lost in the in-game action and don't see the whole game flow.

- Unit Analysis ?

very good. what I came here for in the first place.

- Larger army-type analysis ?

maybe sometimes you're too good at choosing the loadout of your units, and pay less attention to the army as a whole, but anyway you're far above internet average IMO.

- Anything I'm missing here that you'd like to see ?

not really something I would like to see, just a feeling I've had over the past few months : you tend to follow stelek a bit to much.

As I keep an eye on both your blogs, I often feel like you're just reacting to what was on his blog, and writing articles that don't bring anything really new (but your articles are written much better, and with less obscenities).

Again, that's just a feeling I have, I would just like you to seem a bit more "independant" in your choice of topics.

still, kudos for the work you've put in this blog.

Faolain said...

What I like is your list building- not just the lists, but the fact that you include the thought process that goes along with it. Far too often I simply slap a list together of whatever I feel like without thinking strategically.

Putting up the "best of teh intrawebz" list doesn't teach anyone anything about improving their game, but running through that thought process on how to properly build a list would do wonders for the 40k community. I also like how you try it out, then return and report your success or failure and then seek to improve on that with detailed explanations as to why.

Dverning said...

I wouldn't mind a slightly brighter gray or white for the main text font, but otherwise the layout seems good to me. I prefer simplicity.

For content, more pics or Vassal diagrams might be nice but aren't critical.

Overall? I'd say keep doing what you're doing. Most authors I just read the feed or even just skim the synopsis... you're one of the few I open every article for reading.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading the unit breakdowns, what gear to take/ how to use them. Battle reports are always fun.

Matt said...

I love your unit analysis a lot (ala dreadnought and speeder comparisons). I appreciate the tone that you use as well - yours is the blog I go to when I want interesting posts without the venom found in YTTH.

Personally as a DH player I'd love to see where you think Grey Knights (or their terminator brethren) can fit into a normal marine list. I love the inquisition but I hate imperial guard so I am always on the look out for ways to use my units so they are both useful while still being enjoyable.

Matt said...

also, I love your color choices personally. Its easy on the eyes and calming.

I also enjoy your Bat reps and would love to see more discussion of "how I messed up when I did X" kind of stuff. I enjoy reading the frustration of a failed battle and the steps you'd take in the future to correct it.

Bocman said...

Rob...when I get back, we're going to have a 5000 pt game. I think that's the only way I can make my Eldar have everything I want...