Thursday, December 3, 2009

Terminator Project, Tau Pictures

The next part of the 'Flow' series will be up in time. Right now, it's one exam down and out, and another one in the pipes next week. In lieu of a writing update, you get pictures.
Here is Squad 5 of the Green Templar. The capes are scratch-cast, the tabards are all GS'ed, and the shoulders are inspired by Ron's pre-heresy shoulder pads. The burst cannon credit goes to Stelek, and the fact I have a Tau army. The green streaks on the paint job were inspired by this fellow. I'm not entirely sure that the streaks are visible in the picture, but ah well.

Speaking of the Tau, here's the last squad of Crisis Suits. I got a paycheck, and promptly blew some on the Greater Good.
Finally, here are the Piranhas. I've modified them to have the Multi-Tracker (the one on the right) and the Disruption Pod (one on the left). Mmm, scanners and ECM.
I am reasonably satisfied with how they all came out.


Mercer said...

Very good bud :)

GWvsJohn said...

Totally off-topic, but I'd love to see you do a tactica: Vindicator and a few SM and CSM Vindicator themed lists :)