Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life Update

As pertains to blogging, at least.

Work's going to get a little crazier this month, and school's papers are starting to weigh in, so I'm anticipating blog posts might slow to a crawl. It'll get better after that, though, as I'll be graduated and 'educated.*'

*I'll have a piece of paper that says I'm smart. Considering how dumb some of my classmates are** and how most jobs will train you anyway, I'm not sure what it really proves.

**as in, one of them stood up and told the teacher he thought the test was crap, mostly because he didn't want to write an essay in a class that's all essay, because it takes the place of a thesis. No, he actually said "It's crap that I have to define the points. That's grade-school crap." Yes. The professor really WILL assume you know everything when he's the last course you have to pass before you get your master's. Isn't that a little condescending? "Hey, we both know I know it, so how's about you just let me not write it instead? I'll do the 'essay' in bullet points, too!" MORON.


Squirrel_Fish said...

Ah, the bountiful joys of higher education. It just goes to show - no matter how high in the education system you climb, there'll always be idiots.


suneokun said...

Usually 'clever' idiots. Genius = ten, common sense = nill.

That said, the hoop jumping of degree and masters/doctorates starts to get old very quickly.

I can understand your collleagues point of view.

Raptor1313 said...

Yeah, half the fun is that they're expanding the master's program at my school, so QC is going...down.

I wholly understand the annoyance of hoop-jumping. I've been doing that at work for the last two weeks, getting idiot-level training certifications for stuff that is usually common sense.

My beef with Moron was more how he chose to express it. He's the guy that'll ramble on for a total of like 20 minutes in a class (admittedly, a 3-hour class) on a regular basis for stuff that's not actually a question, or that relevant to class. Add that into the fact I'm not 100% sure he's actually getting what's being taught, and then the part where he thinks yelling at the teacher in front of class is acceptable and even wise?

It makes me glad that the teacher's a bit relaxed and didn't take it personally, or take it out on all of us.

Hoop jumping certainly = annoying, but...yeah.